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A video from my trunk of memories: Rehearsing with my friend Kevin a special number:

Virgenes del Sol is a traditional Peruvian song.

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Who would have told us what 2020 was going to be like? I guess we all shouted “Happy New Year” as the clock struck 12 a year ago.

What is it a happy year for you? I can say it was for me; not because there wasn’t pain, sadness and difficult times. It was a good year because I was able to breath every day, because my heart did not stop beating, because I had sunshine on my face, because I could walk and cook and eat and sleep. Because I was and I am surrounded by loved ones, friends and family.

What an unforgettable year it has been and it is another ordinary miracle that today we will again shout “Happy New Year”

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55 today

My dad is 30 years older than me; now that I am in my mid-fifties I understand 3 decades can pass by swiftly and it makes me think just how fast I can reach his age, if I get to live that long and experience to be “in his shoes” which he often states we don’t comprehend.

It’s not always natural and easy to assimilate what our life will be like as we age, but the truth is I am not the person I was 30 years ago. There is nothing that can stop the passing of time and its results in our bodies and as much as we wish and make an effort to keep our brain sharp and a positive and cheerful attitude; the reality is that mind and soul also become exhausted.

Now, everyone will experience aging in a different way. Some will remain stronger and more content than others. Some will continue to be independent, some will have to rely on others. Some have not gotten to be my age and I may not get to be my dad’s age!

What I have in my mind as a vision of what I can be as an older person it may as well stay in my mind just as what it is now, the product of my imagination. I will not know until I get there and I can only hope I have worked today to make it happen close enough. I hope to accept wih contentment the unforseen realities of and older life which I belive it’s in correlation of how I take my journey today as I turn 55 today.

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Take it, Grasp it, Seize it

Jesus said “Ask…Seek…Knock” (Matthew 7:7)

Ask” talks about relationship and intimacy; you don’t ask or talk about your needs with total strangers. Pleading and making petitions is humbling and a good reminder of our need for others, especially our need for God.

Seek” means attitude and diligence, to put your heart on it. I have found things in the least expected places, which reminds me not to overlook situations that may not seem appealing or right at the moment.

And finally “Knock” which inevitable involves a closed door that it won’t open unless the person seeking admittance knocks on it. Who hasn’t rang a doorbell and ran off laughing and fearful…why? knocking is risky and includes an imminent face to face encounter. A close door clearly means “stay out”. When our presence at the door is welcome; we are put at ease for an open door is a sign of good reception and acceptance.

If you have been asking, seeking and knocking and the chance is there, don’t hesitate to take it.

Some opportunities may only come for a period of time, too quick or once in a lifetime. If it is given to you; take it, grasp it, seize it.

Not getting what you want can break your heart, but a wish that comes true is a life-giving tree.

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The School and The Avocado Tree

The avocado tree in the backyard must have taken years to grow that tall and to be that colossal. This year’s crop was exceptionally abundant. I could have made quite some money if I sold them, but it was a delight to give them all away to friends, neighbors and anyone passing-by.

I became aware, however, that the combination of the sky-high branches, the law of gravity and the rocklike seeds of the avocados could have been dangerously damaging to one’s skull (thankfully nobody got hurt); but as they fell down they destroyed part of the roof and made some holes.

It was a hard and drastic desicion to cut off half of such fruitful tree. Its foliage is surely missed. Now I have to patiently wait at least two years before I can enjoy another harvest from it. During this pause time I need to constantly be checking on the tree new shoots to keep them in a acceptable direction and beneficial height.

The Christian School in Camiri is facing some radical changes for the near future. After 64 years of service some “branches” have grown up to the point of bringing complications of all sort. These areas need our attention to be dealt with and we believe COVID-19 has set up the conditions to take action now.

Just like with the avocado tree, the trunk and roots are still there. Some things in the Christian School are strong, worth-keeping and nonnegotioable. We wish to go on with the same mission and vision of its founder (Mr. Eugene Train), maintain the spirit of service to the community and bear fruit, much fruit.

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The Difference

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Law breaker

During this month I have gone out for walks, met for small church meetings at homes, gone grocery shopping to small street vendors, attended a funeral, hiked to a nearby village, been at the school office and all these simple, common, harmless activities that at one point were part of my normal life; now they have turned me into a law breaker for I performed them in a day I was not supposed to go out of the house.

(The new law during the COVID-19 pandemic is to go out one day according to the last ID number. The police and armed forces have inspection posts almost every corner to control pedestrian traffic)

ForbiddenIn just three months man-made laws change from one day to the other. At this moment I seems inconceivable and absurd to think that typing in a laptop and posting my thoughts would be illegal. Yet, if tomorrow people viewed these actions as a threat to global security, they might be banned and accepted as illicit. It also goes the other way around, something that yesterday and today is against the law, tomorrow it could be authorized and ordinary conduct.

I understand that laws are made for our  protection and the only clear factor for most people to comply to these norms is fear… but, hasn’t it gone too far nowadays?

I don’t have the answer. I have my opinion and respect for the others’.




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While in Prison

Behind barsSome of the masterpieces in the world of literature have had its origin while in prison.  Letters from Birmingham Jail by Marthin Luther King, Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes, Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela and The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan; to cite only a few.

The Apostle Paul also penned four encouraging letters while he was under house arrest in Rome; we call them “Prison Epistles”. Their message is important and invaluable to Christians today as it was then.

Some others prisoners have obtained college degrees, have learnt to skillfully played a sport, have acquired cooking expertise, have become successful singers, famous actors, etc.

My thoughts for today while most of the world is in quarantine because of COVID-19 is that isolation can be used for good depending on one sole thing: my decision.

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Changing World


It took a virus to change people’s opinon about internet. We once thought that much use of the web was an terrible addiction, a habit that caused isolation and individualism, a way of life that would lead to a generation of zombies. Now we depend on it for work, school, church, entertaining ourselves and socializing with others.

“Go outside” shifted to “Stay home”.

I’m not saying that from time to time there is a good reason to do so, besides there are a wide range of beneficial activities to do indoor.  I’m just thinking how we, as society, reshape our views, adapt to change and modify our values. Sometimes it has taken “ages” to develop a new or different mind set. But not today; this year’s change was abrupt, quick and global.

So far, many of us think this is just a brief and prudence prodecedure; on the other hand, I also perceive that this practice fits like a glove to some people.

Our nature is to be unbalanced human beings; but once this epidemic is over; hopefully we will more appreciative of what it’s outside and grateful for what and who is inside our living space.



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Can God use me?

heroes-of-faith heb 11

The next time you feel like GOD can’t use you, just remember..

        Noah was a drunk

        Abraham was too old

        Isaac was a daydreamer

        Jacob was a liar

        Leah was ugly

        Joseph was abused

        Moses had a stuttering problem

        Gideon was afraid

        Rahab was a prostitute

        Jeremiah and Timothy were too young

        David had an affair and was a murderer

        Elijah was suicidal

        Isaiah preached naked

        Jonah ran from God

        Naomi was a widow

        Job went bankrupt

        Peter denied Christ

        The Disciples fell asleep while praying

         Martha worried about everything

         Zaccheus was too small

         Paul was too religious

         Timothy had an ulcer..AND

         Lazarus was dead!

Now! No more excuses!

 God can use you to your full potential.
Besides you aren’t the message, you are just the messenger.  
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