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IBCM Hispano 2017

IBCM Hispano is the Spanish version of International Brethren Conference on Mission held every four years. More than a dozen Spanish-speaking countries reconvened in the beautiful Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic; in its capital, the colonial city of Santo Domingo. The theme was “Christ’s Mission Today” and the purpose of the conference is to encourage, to pray for one another, to make connections, hear updates and share with one another about what the Lord is doing. The fellowship that we enjoyed included times of prayer for each other in small groups, workshops, meeting new people, seeing old friends, excellent food and conversations in one of the four hotel restaurants, two swimming pools, a white-sand beach in bright sunny shiny days with clear turquoise water and above all, the warmth of the hospitable and friendly people of the D.R. who kindly took us sightseeing.

The conference itself went beyond my expectations in many ways. I enjoyed the preaching sessions more than anything. It was great for me to sit and be fed with straightforward and thoughtful teaching. And even though the conference was held in a resort, I thank God for the opportunity to spend time with my Dominican brothers and sisters in their home and church.

Group from Bolivia


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60 Anniversary

60 años



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Party of emotions

Trufi“Why, why…why this had to happen when everything was going so well?” I heard the minivan driver say repeatedly right after the collision. I guess he had had a good day of driving his passengers and just before sunset, six of us came all together, filled the vehicle at once and this meant his last shift for the day. His split second of distraction brought a “party of emotions” with the same speed that the accident happened. All of the sudden there were people very angry at the driver pulling him out of the car to beat him up. The driver was obviously scare and anxious. One little girl from the other car had a small bleeding wound in her forehead and was crying. The mother was loudly wailing in despair. There was the one in shock and speechless. There was one annoyed and irritated by the inconvenience and delay. In the air that we breathed there were doubts, sadness, guilt, fear and even a bus full of teenagers passed by and they made senseless boisterous noises as if something funny had happened.

I remember in slow motion those few minutes with my senses all heighten; in the dark, in the madness of the crowd and in the confusion of the moment: the car approaching, the sounds, the faces, the voices and even the smells around.

It was really nothing…we were very perplexed, a little bit sore, but everyone was counted for;  very thankful to be alive!


We had gone to Santa Cruz to check the place where we wish to hold the next camp. You can see the fun we had in my facebook album “Spying the land”

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Logo CRISTIANAYesterday, March 6th, was the school 57th anniversary. The traditional festive ceremony has been postponed due to failing health of one of its founders, Mrs. Loraine Train.

We do give thanks to the Lord for the school. We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and all the people who have been touched and involved by, through and in this ministry.



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Last day of classes


This morning we had our last devo (chapel time) for the 2012 school year. There was excitment mixed with sadness. Now it starts a two-week period called reforzamiento (reinforcement) which is an opportunity for students with low grades to improve their final notes and get a passing grade.

Here are some facebook pictures of all the grades and two of my little fourth graders painting the wall as a good-bye to the school year!

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School LV Anniversary

55 years since the classrooms opened their doors in the Christian School of Camiri.

55 years serving the community.

55 years of God’s blessings and faithfulness.

55 years and hundreds of lives touched with the Word of God.

Gene and Loraine Train, founders

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A Scottish athlete made an iron discus. What he didn’t know was that the discus used in official competition was made of wood with only an outer rim of iron. His was solid metal and weighed 3 or 4 times as much as those being used by other discus throwers.  For years he labored…then went to England for his first competition. When he arrived at the games, he was handed the official discus. He easily set a new record. He remained the uncontested champion for many years. This man trained under a heavy burden and became better for it.

May the God of all grace…after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.”  I Peter 5:10.


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A Good Day

Electronic-VirusThese past days I was  feeling the frustration of infected electronic devices. I was planning on showing you pictures and telling you about my trip to Tarija with the Senior class last weekend, but it seems that my digital camera, USB and school computers are all infested with the so-called electronic viruses. I will have to wait till next week, but my urge to publish a weekly post was stronger. I just want to say that I really admire those genius minds out there that have come with such damaging creation; that I really haven’t lost any data and the files are still there and last, I have many reasons to be thankful and rejoice; a bug in gadgets is not enough to spoil the precious and unique moments of today.

These viruses are man-made, but it is the Lord who has made the day for us to be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24) Let us all choose to HAVE A GOOD DAY.

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