Party of emotions

Trufi“Why, why…why this had to happen when everything was going so well?” I heard the minivan driver say repeatedly right after the collision. I guess he had had a good day of driving his passengers and just before sunset, six of us came all together, filled the vehicle at once and this meant his last shift for the day. His split second of distraction brought a “party of emotions” with the same speed that the accident happened. All of the sudden there were people very angry at the driver pulling him out of the car to beat him up. The driver was obviously scare and anxious. One little girl from the other car had a small bleeding wound in her forehead and was crying. The mother was loudly wailing in despair. There was the one in shock and speechless. There was one annoyed and irritated by the inconvenience and delay. In the air that we breathed there were doubts, sadness, guilt, fear and even a bus full of teenagers passed by and they made senseless boisterous noises as if something funny had happened.

I remember in slow motion those few minutes with my senses all heighten; in the dark, in the madness of the crowd and in the confusion of the moment: the car approaching, the sounds, the faces, the voices and even the smells around.

It was really nothing…we were very perplexed, a little bit sore, but everyone was counted for;  very thankful to be alive!


We had gone to Santa Cruz to check the place where we wish to hold the next camp. You can see the fun we had in my facebook album “Spying the land”

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  1. Andres,

    The details of the accident are alarming. Thankfully everyone was OK, just shook up a bit.

    Will be praying for your activity in Santa Cruz. Also praying for relief from the oppressive government tax authorities who are demanding payments from the school for taxes already paid but they have not been able to account for. Most likely mistakes on their part, of which they are passing the blame on to you.

    God bless you my friend.
    Steve Barclay
    Advocate – RBCPC

  2. ¡Wow! ¡Qué duro es algo así! Sí que se pregunta uno: ¿por qué? pero sabemos que todas las cosas ayudan a bien a los que a Dios aman.
    Recibe un caluroso saludo aunque sé que ya es mucho tiempo atrás.

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