Law breaker

During this month I have gone out for walks, met for small church meetings at homes, gone grocery shopping to small street vendors, attended a funeral, hiked to a nearby village, been at the school office and all these simple, common, harmless activities that at one point were part of my normal life; now they have turned me into a law breaker for I performed them in a day I was not supposed to go out of the house.

(The new law during the COVID-19 pandemic is to go out one day according to the last ID number. The police and armed forces have inspection posts almost every corner to control pedestrian traffic)

ForbiddenIn just three months man-made laws change from one day to the other. At this moment I seems inconceivable and absurd to think that typing in a laptop and posting my thoughts would be illegal. Yet, if tomorrow people viewed these actions as a threat to global security, they might be banned and accepted as illicit. It also goes the other way around, something that yesterday and today is against the law, tomorrow it could be authorized and ordinary conduct.

I understand that laws are made for our  protection and the only clear factor for most people to comply to these norms is fear… but, hasn’t it gone too far nowadays?

I don’t have the answer. I have my opinion and respect for the others’.




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Changing World


It took a virus to change people’s opinon about internet. We once thought that much use of the web was an terrible addiction, a habit that caused isolation and individualism, a way of life that would lead to a generation of zombies. Now we depend on it for work, school, church, entertaining ourselves and socializing with others.

“Go outside” shifted to “Stay home”.

I’m not saying that from time to time there is a good reason to do so, besides there are a wide range of beneficial activities to do indoor.  I’m just thinking how we, as society, reshape our views, adapt to change and modify our values. Sometimes it has taken “ages” to develop a new or different mind set. But not today; this year’s change was abrupt, quick and global.

So far, many of us think this is just a brief and prudence prodecedure; on the other hand, I also perceive that this practice fits like a glove to some people.

Our nature is to be unbalanced human beings; but once this epidemic is over; hopefully we will more appreciative of what it’s outside and grateful for what and who is inside our living space.



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