The Axe


“The forest was dying and the trees were still voting for the axe. She was cunning; she had convinced them that by having a wooden handle, she was one of them.”    (Anonymous)


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21F (February 21st) refers to the 2016 referendum where Evo Morales, President of Bolivia at that time, asked the people if they agreed on his re-election for his 4th term. The results were 51% for “NO” and yet last year the Electoral commission pronounced him candidate for this year’s Presidential elections held last October 20th. Bolivia has been divided by those who support him and his socialist party whose regime has lasted 13 years and by those who support new democratic parties.

The day of election, unexpectatively, the counting program of votes stopped by the time two candidates were close in votes. The following day  the counting re-started and gave Evo Morales the total winning percentage. To make a long story short; fraud was suspected and proved.

The whole country went to a unprecendented strike that went from being some small civil gropus to a massive crowd.  It was incredible to see day after day how different sectors of society, that once were affiliated to Morales Socialistic movement, one by one turned his back on him and asked him to resign.   After 21 days of tension, blockades, confrontations, damage, hurt people and a few deaths, he and many of his ministers abdicated and fled.

People in Bolivia ascribe this triumph to God. One of the main leaders in this battle made a pledge to the nation, in front of a famous Jesus statue, to personally take the letter of resignation to the President and to bring the Bible back to the Government building where once Morales, now called Dictator, inagurated his presidency with ancestral ritual that included animal sacrifices and a number of times mocked Christianity. I have never seen so many people on their knees in the streets praying and crying out to God. They now say that 21F also means 21 days of agony with FAITH.


An Interim President has been elected and has taken oath with the Bible and other Catholic emblems and in her speech she asked the nation to pray for wisdom from God to govern the nation these crucial months until new elections are held.

Politics is not my favorite topic to write or talk about, but I must do it having lived through this recent important historical event. It has national and International relevance. I am still in awe to realize I was here experiencing it first hand. I saw a powerful force fall in answer to prayers. I cannot say otherwise; it is a miracle.

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