Paola MoronTen years ago Paola was my student in 4th grade. Today she is my colleague while also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Science Education at the local college in Camiri. She is working at school as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant. I recently sat and enjoyed a reminiscing chat of her school days, about her journey to become a Christian and to study something related to education and children; something, she said, was not in her plans until a year ago when certain circumstances took her to get a job in a nursery facility. ¨That experience uncovered my real vocation” she affirms with very expressive eyes. Her three older brothers (FrancoCleverAndres) were of great influence to make a decision for Christ when she was around 11 years old. Today she is very active in the youth group of the church and one of her responsabilities at school is to teach the Bible lesson and memory verses to all kindergarten students.

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CANADAteam part (1/2)

We recently, at the Christian School, had the privilege to have the visit of a mission team from Oakridge Bible Chapel in CANADA composed by 19 members from five different churches and one representative from USA and Scotland each.

They came with their own funding for the projects and travel expenses. We spent a week of sweet fellowship and intense hard work in different areas.



They arrived to Camiri Saturday night in time to be part of the young people’s meeting where there was a small welcome program with refreshments of typical Bolivian snacks.

On Sunday they all came to church where in spite of language barrier we could remember our Lord’s death and resurrection together. After the service, the team leaders and I walked around the school (like Nehemiah did before building the wall in Jerusalem) and it was there when I realized the magnitude of the task to accomplished in five days!

This team was an example of humble, loving, concentrated, hard service to the people of the community. The investment that they did, financially, physically and emotionally has impacted us all. I will repeat he words of a brother in a short farewell speech: “The repaired walls one day will be old again and the bright colors of the painted walls will little by little fade away, but the fond memories of the moments of that week will remain in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives.”

May each one of the participants, local or foreign, be encouraged to know that the work in the Lord is not in vain (I Cor. 15:58). It has been an eternal investment.before-after

If you want to see more pictures of the projects and how much the infrastructure of the school improved, check my Facebook Album (here).



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