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The first English words I learned were from my mom when I was a child. I had purchased what I thought to be a coloring book and then I noticed it had strange words with each picture. When I asked my mom what they were, she said “English” and I repeated after her “Apple,” “House,” “Good Morning,” “What’s your name,” “I Speak Spanish,” Etc.  I became so interested in the words  that my parents registered me in an ESL Institute in which I spent whole afternoons in classes after regular school.

I thought I had a good knowledge, grasp and degree of expertism of the language until my first year of College in the United States of America proved me wrong. I had, and still have, a long way to go. I am not bilingual. In English, as my second language, I have my limitations in fluency and comprehension. Although I have had, and still have, my moments of frustration, failure, disappointments and dissatisfaction with English; more often than not, I have enjoyed the learning process of a new language and culture.

Charly BrownI have always been a person of few words with difficulty to express. As I grow older I feel the need more than ever to take challenges, to conquer fears and to keep learning. I recognize the urgency to keep using English, to continue to listen to it, to read it, to write it and to speak it. This blog is one of my self-imposed disciplines to do something that is not natural or easy for me. And needless to say, with all my inadequacy, weakness and shortcomings in the English language; it has been a useful tool in my life. I recommend and encourage all to invest money, time and effort into learning another language.



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