Please Come in!



Hello! Please come in, “Mi casa es su casa”. 

 It’s not really mine. I am renting it and definitely is not my “dream house”. I lived in three other places before much bigger and better. When I had to move from these places, I struggled with the Lord, till one day I clearly “heard” his voice. He made me feel like the prophet Jonah who was so concern for the vine and angry enough to die.  While many were about to die in judgment; he only desired his comfort. I was the same, I was pleading for a house, a temporal tent, and I was forgetting the souls, eternal beings. I repented, started changing my priorities in prayer and started to be content to wherever he led.

A house is my second place of ministry.  There is almost no day when I don’t have a visitor or visitors. Sometimes I invite them, most of the time they just show up (which is culturally accepted). I know well in my mind that if they come, the Lord must have a purpose and I have to fulfill it. Conversations may vary, but in the end, my goal is the same, bring the Lord and his word alive, useful and convicting.

Living room

Living room

The house might change, but the furniture has remained the same for 10 years. This is the living room. The chairs are made of bamboo sticks. The cushions on them are made of leather by an artisan brother from the church. I keep the lights dim with three lamp shades. Most of the time I have to bring more chairs. Many good talks about the Lord have taken place in this room.

Dinning room

Dining room

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with me.” Rev. 3:20 NASB. I consider the table an important part of a house and an essential ingredient in friendship. As we share a meal there is a sense of closeness and comradeship. I have lost count of how many have sat here with me, but the number must be in the hundreds per year. I bought the dining set used for $50;  it’s still in good shape and in full use.



In this space I put into practice my culinary experiences. I worked as a cook in college and camp and I loved it. A little inconvenience in this house is that I have to get water from the outdoor water tap. I had  the wooden cupboard made, bought the stove, but the freezer, fridge and microwave were donated. Thank the Lord for his provision of food and appliances! Bon appetit!



My cozy bedroom is all but private quarters! The main attractions are the keyboard-piano, the radio-stereo and the computer. During week-ends all the entire floor is cover with mats for guys from church or school that come to stay overnight to watch movies, play games, sing and talk till one by one falls asleep.

Guest room

Guest room

It is a privilege to have extra space for visitors! The couch there may be unfolded and converted into a comfortable thick mattress. Come and stay with me!



This house’s backyard is mostly paved with small garden areas. It has a simple skeleton roof for a vine that serves as a natural cover for sunlight and provides a nice shade . I always wanted a house with a large lawn for my students to play ball, but I have to admit that I have started enjoying this quiet and tranquil refuge in the very back of the house. I made a fire pit for barbeques and bonfires. It is my favorite spot for reading and meditating.

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  1. iremos otra vez si Dios nos lo concede y al mirar éstas fotos me hace recordar cada momento que Dios nos dió de convivir contigo en tu hogar. Hermosas memorias que guardo en mi corazón. Ve preparando el churrasco de cordero para el verano que viene 🙂
    Saludos a todos los chicos,Mirta y familias en la iglesia que nos recibieron durante nuestra estancia!

  2. Hey Andres! It is nice to see your place and catch up. Are you coming at Christmas? Hope so! We’re doing fine and would love for you to come see the Corner Bagel Bakery and Deli!

  3. Andres:

    I can’t believe it’s you! It’s so good to see your face in the photos. I still can remember your smile.

    I am so happy that you followed the Lord’s calling for you.

    God bless you in many ways…I do pray!

    Rick Hernandez
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  4. Hola Andrés, gracias por invitarme a conocer tu casa , tu familia y personas queridas. No importa que sea a distancia y por fotografías, igual me alegro.
    ¡Dios te continue bendiciendo cada día!

  5. Andrés, how nice to meet you when you came to visit Faith Bible Chapel in London, Canada this week. We pray that you will continue to find strength in your vocation. Don’t be afraid that others may seem more worthy. God chooses, you follow!

  6. Hi Andres,
    We will be praying for you daily. You have now become part of our lives here at Lakeside Bible Chapel in Lincolnton, Ga. God has chosen you for this work and in your unpretentious way you have touched us with your unselfish love and dedication.

    May God Bless your ministry.

    Your brother,

  7. Andrés,
    We were with David and Silvana and Frank and Kathie this noon, and remembered your visit here on Dec 3. We spoke of when we first got to “know” you by mail and how much we enjoyed your visit this month. We trust you are having a happy time with your family during this Christmas season. May the Lord continue to bless you and direct you, especially as you start the new school year with its many responsibilities.
    Charlie and Betty

  8. Dear Andres,

    I have chosen you as my missionary for Awana at Asbury Community Chapel in Dubuque, Iowa. I pray for you every night. Thank you for sharing pictures of your home and your school. I go to Tri-State Christian School in Galena, Illinois. I am in second grade, and we have 14 kids in my class too.

    I will continue to pray for you.

    Jordan Stratman, 8 years old

  9. Hey Andres,

    I finally took a look at this. Wow! Great job! Hey… I will not be continuing the escuela cristiana website. It was too expensive and not easy to work with. This is free. I think you may be able to guess the password if you want to add anything. Missing the action with you guys. Gabe

  10. Anres, thanks for the pictures of your house. You have done a wonderful job of making it a beautiful place to serve the Lord and prtray the love of God.
    I am glad your feeling better; we pray for you often.
    May the Lord continue to bless you personally and the work you are involved. Ken
    PS: I love that backyard patio!

  11. Andres – Hello! Enjoy your notes always. Was wondering about Zoo-prised book. Is it only in Spanish, or was it translated into Spanish. In other words, I would like to have a copy of it in English for my Grandsons.

    Please tell me if you can!

    Blessed Easter to you.

  12. Hello my Bro: Nice meeting you in Italy last month and great seeing what the Lord is doing through you in Bolivia. God bless you!

  13. This is so amazing to see! And I completely agree: our house is a place of ministry as well.

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