Only One

matches-last-chance-7403129Without exception, we all live one day at a time. We can’t use nothing but one hour…one minute…one second before it’s gone for ever. Putting it all together it’s what we call “life”.

Since I am traveling tomorrow and it will be almost a year before I get to see family and friends here in Mexico; I have that “last-day-feeling”. It makes a difference in my actions, my speech, my thoughts, reactions, decisions, etc. All of me has this intense concern on what I do today.

The fact of the matter is that today is no different from any other day. Today is today. It is not yesterday and it cannot be tomorrow. For me and everyone is the same; Today is our only one day to live.

The challenge for me is to live every day, every hour, every minute and second of time to the fullest and with passion. I only have one.

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There are many studies about “smile facts” and the number of benefits it brings to physical, mental and emotional health.  A smile is more than just a flexion of muscles; it is an expression from within the deepest part of our being denoting pleasure, happiness, delight, enjoyment, gratification or sociability. A smile is sadly almost a lost gesture in big cities since it is the body language of welcoming people into our space and our lives. We live in times of mistrust of strangers.

I recently experience pain due to dental work. I don’t remember ever being in such torment before.  For some reason analgesic had almost none effect or so I felt. When I left the dentist’s office I had to make a phone call and meet with some people.  All I wish was to be in a dark room, in bed and alone, but I couldn’t. I am sure the people around would be understanding of my bad mood and put up with my miserable attitude, but as in many cases, they are not to blame for my pain.

I chose to continue life ignoring my discomfort and even watched a movie with my hosts. I am in a liquid diet. Things didn’t turn out as I was expecting and the episode of the dental work hasn’t finished. I fear going back to the dentist’s. Such is life, but those circumstances have no control over what I choose and how I decide to act. For this time I have decided that my pain is small compare to what others are suffering. I want my smile to be a reflection of my soul not of my body. I choose to smile not because my smile is perfect, but because it is powerful.

smileIt is well with my soul

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My writing Routine

“Writing is not my thing” I have said since the days I had to take English Composition I and II in College. Back in 2008 I started this blog also as a self-discipline to do something is not natural to me. Just like waking up for exercising;  writing, for me, is difficult. Yes, even after all these years!

bloggingSo, I am here, like many times, with the “simple-great” task of every week; in front of a blank screen wondering what I can say or what there is in my experience that would be of interest to others. I never know what a blog will look like or talk about till it is done, as somebody said: “I write to discover what it is I will have written”.

My writing routine? To be honest, I have none, I don’t have a day, an hour or a place. I can also say, it is going on all the time. Isaac Asimov said “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” Writing is thinking and that I do all the time; the tricky part, is putting it into words.

For me, blogging is chronicling. It is my open journal. It is my life being written. It is my unclear messy  writing originated in my unclear messy thinking. But in the end, I am writing for myself and own sake. After many years, I am the one who is encouraged to look back as I read of God’s great purposeful doings through and in me and the numerous wonderful, extraordinary and remarkable people who accompanied me in this journey of life. I try to present it in the best possible way I can, but frankly, it is my own fun and enjoyment.


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My Jogging Routine

clock 4 30 am

The alarm goes off at 4:30 am. It is time to go to my Monday-Friday exercise routine I have been practicing for two years: jogging. In spite of all the articles I have read of the many benefits of an early morning workout and proven methods to make it a habit that will become part of my lifestyle feeling it “Soooo natural”; I still struggle with every beep beep of the alarm to get up and do what I have decided to do.

early-morning-runSo, while I do my loop, I ask myself: why I do what I do? It is not about “who” because nobody is making me do it. It is about “what” motives me to continue to do something while every part of my body wants to stay in bed. It seems contradictory; if I feel like staying in bed, how come I end up in my sweat outfit and running shoes?

In this simple ordinary paradoxical experience, I have become to understand what it is to make a decision, take a resolution or to do something with determination and purpose. I like to use the idiom “to make up your mind” because it has the word “mind” in it. The mind is the part we use for thinking and thinking is the process that gives us reasonable clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, significance, depth, logic and fairness.

heart-vs-mindI try to teach my students that we cannot always do what we feel like doing, but to do what we know we have to do for reasons regardless of feelings. We might have already discovered that warm fuzzies and frivolous thinking are usually in conflict and we need to continually discipline ourselves in doing what we know we have to do. Aristotle said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. The best thing is to put all your heart in all what your mind has decided to do. In the end, it will pay off to voluntarily submit to such self-training.




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Different Miracle 2

nearsightedIn my teen years I went to the theater movie with my family. I asked my mom if we could sit nearer to the big screen to which my mom replied with the explanation how we could enjoyed the movie “better” from the middle rows. She perceived then my nearsightedness and handed me her eyeglasses. I remember the difference the glasses made in my eyesight and ended up watching the movie with my mom’s glasses. I have used eyeglasses ever since and my well-functioning in life depends on them.

mentreesThe two-stage miracle in the Gospel of Mark 8:22-26 Jesus opened the eyes of a blind man to the point where he saw people looking like trees walking around; then Jesus touched him again and this time the men’s eyes were fully opened and sight totally restored.

Just a reminder to all of us who have believed in Jesus and have been called out of darkness to a marvelous light that in spite of this miracle; all of us have spiritual nearsightedness to one degree or another and still see life through a veil, imperfectly, dimly, as a blurred picture.

I daily need the second part of the miracle to have a full sight of the riches of God in Christ, to see and perceive everything in life with perfect clarity;  to have wisdom and insight to comprehend the riddles of life, the darkly side of life, that is. This is a progressive miracle.

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law”

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Driving through life

In a way, each one of us go through life driving. We all start as a simple passenger and at some point we take the steering wheel. Sometimes we drive with drivingdetermined direction, some other times we are lost. We make frequent stops for duty or for pleasure: at school, at work, at church, or at a relative’s or friend’s house. Here and there we stop because we want to, like a stop at the amusement park and from time to time we stop because we can’t drive, like a stop to a hospital.

I wish to be able to always drive in the fast lane and find a green light at every traffic light, but the time waiting in a red light or in traffic jam, the slow driver in front of me or the accident on the road, all bring me to reality again: I am not the only one trying to go some place.

Sometimes the driving distance is short, some other times it is long. We stop for a while, but sooner or later we need to go on.  I am not surprised of the term “to have drive” to refer to motivation, to the force within to keep us going. Our journey seems to never cease.

We may be given the chance to choose the car we drive and occasionally change it: from the public bus or taxicab to a sport car or a convertible; from the company car to a mini, compact or medium size car; from a wagon to a luxury car. Nevertheless, our last and final transportation will be in a hearse (funerary vehicle), for we all have the same destination. So for today, it would be nice not to drive like crazy and drive everyone crazy: in other words, remember to drive safely and enjoy the ride.

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blackFridayFOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. It is not just the anxiety for interaction in social networking (Facebook, Twitter, cellphones, etc.). It is also the marketing strategy of making people feel that they would miss a great deal if they don’t buy something, commercials designed to make you feel a big dumb if you don’t take that bargain and a loser if you don’t make that profitable investment. This area of FOMO is a compulsive desire to get material goods to feel good about oneself, formerly known as “keeping up with the Joneses”, is a form of insecurity and dissatisfaction. Things fill the sense of void and empty identity, so I’ve got to get them the day of the year they are the cheapest.

Who doesn’t want to buy items on sale and save money? I do. But I also need to be aware of my motives and watch out if I am being carried away by this syndrome by asking myself: Would I stay awake all night for prayer as I do in wait to open the stores? Would I go out on a very cold early morning to serve and assist others? Do I trample over others to be first? Do I use the money that I save to help the needy or do I use it to get more things for myself? Would I feel anxious and restless to the point of going crazy if I know that thousands of people are getting stuff at a good price and I’m not there?

Mexico has not Thanksgiving Day, but since 2011 it has an annual nationwide shopping day inspired by our neighbor in the north. Why didn’t we, Mexicans, copy Thanksgiving? Simply because consumerism has not nationality and being thankful and content is unnatural to our human nature.

Will I ever settle for what I have?

Sometimes I have things, More often I don’t have things.

Sometimes I have people near by, At times I don’t.

I always have Jesus, then I can boldly say, I have it all.


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Somewhere else

travel-agents“BEWARE of Destination Addiction:

A preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place,

the next job,

and with the next partner.

Until You give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else,

It will never be where You are.”

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Babel, Then and Today

Torre Babel BrueghelThe people in Babel did not need a course on “Effective Communication” nor an exhortation to unity. God said of them “Indeed the people are one and they all have the same language…and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.” (Genesis 11:6).  They possessed two powerful tools in achieving goals: Good communication (one language) and One mind (unity).

Burj KhalifaEver since, men continue on building their ego. Today skyscrapers are symbols of financial success and wealth. Men continue to strive to “make a name” for themselves and reach for the heavens, God’s dwelling, without God. We have found our way back to Babel where we speak the same rebellious language against God and have the same greedy mind-set of this materialistic world.

God is sovereign; in Babel, He made one language into many and in Pentecost (Acts 2), these languages that once confused and alienated people were employed to proclaim the good news. Yes, He will ultimately accomplish his purposes one way or the other, but instead of letting our pride bring confusion, let us be part of the harmony. In 1 Corinthians 1:10 the Apostle Paul plead with the brethren to “speak the same thing and that there be no divisions”. The body of Christ is being built and needs the same tools of Babel, one language and unity.  Church ministries are filled with small and big projects;  it is a blessing to execute them in peaceful agreement and repeating Psalm 115:1 “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, But to Your name give glory.”

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Tenacity – 4 points

“Tenacity is setting a goal so BIG

you can’t possibly achieve it…

then growing into the person who can!”


Set it before God. No matter how wild, unheard of, out of place, difficult or ridiculous might be or seem to be; set it, do your part and when God opens doors, walk fearlessly like crazy through them. (Proverbs 16:3).


Opposition and criticism. Most people are afraid to change in order to try new things. “Pessimism never won any battle” (D. Eisenhower). There will always be those with the spirit of Sanballat (Nehemiah 4:1-6).


Your enthusiasm will be crucial for others to pick up your vision. Teamwork makes any project easy and loads are lighter when divided among many. (Habakkuk 2:2).


The way you spend your time, resources, money and energy must be related to that goal.  Your decisions, apparently insignificant, time to go to bed, time to wake up, eating habits, friendships and social gatherings, sports and hobbies or any other activity you get involved will determine in near or far future your achievement of goals. (1 Corinthians 9:24).


In the end, when you have reached your goal; you will be able to smile with satisfaction; a smile only those who have experienced “the path of tenacity” know what I’m talking about.   😉

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