Happiness is…


Happiness is

mother-and-son time.



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One more year

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Oh, look. Another year has passed,
And I have grown more into who I am.
I’ve shed my skin,
And changed form again.
I’ve learned, in a year, as much as I can.

Another three hundred and sixty-five days,
And I’ve survived to say that I’m here.
I’ve lost a little,
And gained a lot.
I’ve learned more about facing my fears.

Another twelve months have gone by,
And some people have gone with that time.
Though it hurt,
And though I cried,
Those people were never truly mine.

Another fifty-two weeks have dissolved.
I look back on who I was before.
I am different.
Practically new,
But I’m still me at the very core.

Yes, another year has come and gone,
And I thank all those who stuck by me.
Those who didn’t,
Good riddance.
Life’s too short to dwell in the misery.

So goodbye to the year that’s passed,
The lessons learned and memories gained.
Another year,
Will soon be here,
And I will do it all over again


Poem taken from Hello Poetry: The Mandi Monster


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Household Baptisms.

familyIt was a joy to see four of my relatives obeyed the Lord in Baptism last Saturday December the 19th. My sister’s children, Daniel and Sofia; my cousin’s daughter, Mariana, and her son Leonardo. They all gave a short word of testimony before immersion. Here I want to share Mariana’s testimony in her own words:

“For a long time I was angry with God for my mother’s death and decided to keep God far and away from my life. My relationship with God faded away with each passing day. I did not recognize all the great gifts I received from him, such as, my family.

It came as a surprise and left me in astonishment the way the Lord knocked at my door anew. My son Leonardo started to ask me questions  ‘Why don’t we go to a church?’ ‘Are we Christians or Catholics, what are we?’ ‘Am I going to do my First Holy Communion?’. I realized that my distance from God was being transmitted and affecting my children. I had to make a stop in my life, think about what I was doing and admit that I wrongfully was taking away from my children a essential part of their lives, grow up in the fear of the Lord. I want for them what I have received, Jesus’ love and forgiveness of sins.”


“Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will be saved.”



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What God has joined together

God is the author of marriage, but whether two people were brought and joined together by God is another story. One can find the answer by seeing a living example of what’s beyond romantic love; a couple that day by day and year after year work together to create a family, a home, an exceptional care center for children. My parents’ wedding anniversary, for me,  is a celebration of their most important decision they have ever made, to continue on loving in spite of all, with forgiveness as the most powerful weapon in their arsenal against adversity. A choice they have had to make every day of their lives together.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Dad and Mom.  You two are so good-looking then and today.   I couldn’t have asked God for a better home where to be born and grow.

Thank you for your example of love!

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Holding Hands

a poem by Suzie Huitt that I dedicate to my sister









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Days Off

This year the month of June has had more days off than other years in Bolivia: teacher’s Day the 6th, Corpus Christi the 7th, the Aymara New Year on the 21st and a whole week off for Olympic games hosted in Camiri). Since I don’t have internet in the house; but use the school’s, I have opted for staying home and totally enjoy these days, but missing some days of publishing and blogging.

Today I am in Santa Cruz; I came to pick up my sister and friend Vicky Segovia. She came primarily invited to be the speaker for the annual Ladies’ retreat where I have worked as a cook for the past ten years. We are staying two days in the city to do some tourism.

More pics in facebook Album

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My Sister and Friend

Virginia Margarita Segovia, my sister, was born March 10th 1964 in Veracruz, Mexico. She was named Virginia after my mom and Margarita after my dad’s sister. She is also known to some as Vicky, but shortly after birth Dad called her “Tutis” which was a chewing-gum flavor that had gotten Dad’s attention. The nickname stuck to her for life and she isn’t bothered by it at all. Relatives, friends and her own children call her “Tutis”.

Tutis was born very weak and with the umbilical cord around her neck. When she was months old, she was taken to the doctor’s because my parents were afraid she might be deaf, but she and her hearing were normal; she was just a very passive and calm baby, undisturbed by noise around her.

A year and a half later I joined the family and unlike Tutis, I came strong, active, full of energy and very independent. The story however has a 360º turn. One day when Dad was at work and Mon was attending to the house chores, I fell down from a chair, hit my head and lost consciousness. I did not have a fracture, but my health remained delicate for quite some years. For some bizarre and unexplained reason I became passive, quiet and calm while my sister became stronger, active, the sport-type and very sociable and beautiful girl.

We were returning from school one day. I walk behind Tutis who is talking to one of her many friends who also lives in the same apartment complex. We arrive home and she tells story after story in detail of her day at school. I manage to say “it’s my turn!” but I say nothing. “How was your day?” Mom asks to motivate the conversation and a simple “fine” comes out of my mouth and nothing else. Now I work hard to be more expressive, I work hard to answer questions with more than one or two words, I work even harder to take the initiative in conversation and to be a better communicator. Tutis has learned to “take her turn” and we enjoy each other.

Fighting with Tutis is a very vague memory. We were not perfect children, of course, we hardly fought, that is, punching and knocking out each other. Getting angry and up set at each other was and is very common. It was in our twenties that I felt that besides having a nothing-we-can-do-about-it-brother-sister relationship, we also became good friends.

My first years of college were in the States, away from everything that was familiar. Thankfully my sister can write as much as she can talk; her letters were continually a source of encouragement and joy. At that time, she had a very good job as an accountant, but her deepest desire had been to go to India and serve as a missionary. In the summer of 1990 her wish came true and in her way to India she came to the States. We spent a week together and went to Disneyland. As other people had mentioned, Disneyland proved to be a place for grown-ups as well. I guess Disneyland is a place with magic of its own, but to me, that day with my sister and friend is unforgettable; she has unsurpassed magic. Our time in L.A. went faster than I wanted and had to return to college and she had a long journey ahead. The night before our departure, I couldn’t sleep. The room was dark and I cried while I prayed for her. My admiration, respect and love for her strengthened that night.

Life is a series of vignettes and I have chosen only a few. I have so much in my heart and memory about my sister, in my opinion, she deserves a book!     Tutis…she is just another normal common person among the millions in this world…just another wife…just another mother…just another person who I have the blessing and honor of having as my sister and friend.

“To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or confidante- It is to have a soulmate for life.”  V. Secunda

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My Mother’s Face

Mother’s Day has different dates in different parts of the world;  beginning in February with Norway and Israel and ending in December with Indonesia. Many countries have it in the month of May. In the USA it’s on the second Sunday, in Mexico it’s always on the 10th and in Bolivia it’s on the 27th. We, at the Christian School, have started a frenzy of preparations for one the big events of the year,  our Mother’s Day evening program. Someone recently asked me why we go through all that work for mothers, but on Father’s Day the program is very simple. My quick response was that it must be that we all want to show appreciation for the fact that mothers have to endure nine months of all what it takes to be pregnant and the pain and discomfort of childbirth. It all got me thinking about my mother and the whys I love her; I am proud of her and thankful to her.  I could write millions reasons, but today it is this one: The expression on her face in this picture:

I see joy, contentment, serenity, peace and warmth. Of course she has my dad and sister next to her, but she also has me in her womb and I selfishly like to think I am one of the reasons she has that look of well-being and fulfillment on her face. I am sure she is transmitting all those feelings to me while I am developing and growing by receiving nutrients and oxigen from her through the umbilical cord.

I personally think my mom is pretty and has gotten prettier through the years.  I love her all, but in this picture I love my mother’s face.

“As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.”  Prov.27:19

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Betty Harris

August 5, 1957–February 3, 2010

Why are we attracted to some people more than others?… What makes a person likeable?… Popular?… Why do we remember the names and faces of some and not others?… Whatever the many answers that could be given; I bet Betty Harris compiled them all.  Born in Mexico from missionaries Ronald and Dorothy Harris and a descendant of a long missionary ancestry from England; went to schools in Tehuacan, Puebla and received her Nursing degree in Mexico City.

I first met Betty at camp; it must had been around the late 70s and early 80s when she was in her 20s, young, dynamic,  full of life, fond of games,  music, good jokes and a good laugh; always with a positive attitude.   

She attended Emmaus Bible School in Oak Park, IL and brought a Summer Missionary Team with her to Mexico. These young people made a great impression on me.

Emmaus Team

During those years Betty and my cousin Guillermo Lagunes became good friends, exchanged many letters and one day,after her year at Emmaus, on a New Year’s Eve family dinner, they announced their engagement. They have two most precious children: Melody Elisa and Michel Eduardo.

Sometimes what it seems a trifling matter  in reality is an important link in the chain of events that transforms and touches our lives for eternity. As I went  over to their home to practice reading and speaking English, Betty suggested me to consider attending Emmaus Bible College as my first year in the States before going to any other university.  Today I ask myself what it would have been of my life without my Emmaus experience!

Betty has gone to the place prepared for her by the Lord, Savior and lover of our souls, Jesuschrist, after years, months and painful days of battling with cancer. We have lost her, but she has won; and the impact of a life lived for God’s glory will continue to yield a harvest in the lives of all of us who had the honor of knowing her. Her womanhood, motherhood, christianity, faith, devotion, friendship, sensibility and love for the Lord remain with us as a challenge to follow her example.

Birthday party with family and friends

Christmas 2008; last time I saw Betty

My sister, my cousin and my mom with Betty



Have Fun Betty!

Rejoice free from your pain!

Receive your “well done”

Share your Master’s happiness!

Celebrate till we also get there!


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Pablito (Paul Randall, Jr) is the grandson of pioneer missionaries from New Zealand. His family, Paul and Lithz and two younger siblings, Timmy and Davey,  opened the doors of their home when I first arrived to Bolivia; there was instant affinity and closeness among us. I spent quite few hours in their house sharing meals and considerably long conversations. I was “Tio Andres” to the kids and felt pretty much part of the family. In 1998 Pablito was my student; the kind every teacher desires to have in the classroom: intelligent, responsible, quiet and obedient.                               During the two-week break for winter in the middle of the school year, Pablito and I went to the city of Santa Cruz. We did usual things and visited normal places: McDonald’s, Zoo, movies, shopping, parks, etc. His affable-serene spirit helped him and me to give us an enjoyable time, but above all, a bonding time. At what point the idea surged, I don’t remember, but this time would also be experimental to see if he could handle separation from his family that he might be able to travel to Mexico with me at the end of the school year and he easily measured up. So on December 4th of that year, Pablito and I took a plane to Veracruz, Mexico and once again it was the two of us.                                                             At our arrival he became part of my family as I was part of his. We did sight-seeing, day-tripping and average tourism, but the most important trip and adventurous expedition we did is the one of walking together into a new life experience that transforms and has an effect on you for all times.                                                          He and his family are now back to the homeland of their forefathers, but Pablito remains one-of-a-kind, top-notch, first-class boy in my heart. Someone who taught me that just like in the journey of life, good company surpasses anything.


At the airport

At the airport


en route

en route

Paul Randall

Paul Randall

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