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Andrés Segovia
Andrés Segovia


My name is Andrés Segovia and I am not related to the great and famous Spanish guitarist or named after him. Years before I was born, my dad’s three older sisters had coincidentally married my mom’s three older brothers. The oldest couple and first to get marry had a son, Andrés, who was dear and precious to everyone, but unfortunately had died as a toddler. My parents, still single at that time, made the decision in their minds that if they ever had a son would name him after their late nephew. So, on December 17, 1965 when I came into the world, there was no question about my name.  As a Mexican I take on two last names. The first one from my father and the second one from my mother. My full name then is: Andrés Segovia Camargo.

I was born and grew up in the city port of Veracruz located along the Gulf of Mexico coast. The beaches are not white-sanded as in Cancun, but they sure attract many tourists who enjoy normal and warm waters.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Bible and Elementary Education from Emmaus Bible College in 1996, I came to Camiri, Bolivia by the grace of God to work as a teacher and missionary in the Christian School.

Camiri, once considered the oil capital of Bolivia, is a small city in the “Departamento” State of Santa Cruz de la Sierra with approximately 35000 people.

I am commended by the Asbury Community Chapel in Dubuque, IA and get my support through gifts sent to the chapel or CMML (Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc.) designated to the work of the Lord in Camiri, Bolivia.

Sgv17’s weblog was created “THAT YOU…MAY KNOW MY AFFAIRS AND HOW I AM DOING” Ephessians 6:21a


Thank you for reading and leaving your comments.

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  1. Me gozo en saber de tu fidelidad al Señor, y ver todo lo que El ha hecho en tu vida y a través de ti.

  2. Andres, While trying to find information on Eida Dunne’s “Hogar de Los Ninos, I came across your web site. I’ve made 6 trips to help Eida and the kids. It has been 7 years since my last trip. I miss them and hope to visit again. I really enjoyed the pictures. God bless you. Is the school you work or worked in, the christian school in central (mas o menos) Camiri? Thank you for time. Don

  3. Andres this so special, I am so glad I was able to catch up with you, may God continue you to bless you my friend. You will be daily in my prayer’s. Elinor Burke

  4. Dios bendijo grandemente mi vida, con tu amistad amigo… siempre estas en mis oraciones y estoy agradecido por ayudarme con las dudas espirituales durante mi adolecencia… Dios te siga usando con jovenes. Un abrazo grande mi hermano y amigo…

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