Paola MoronTen years ago Paola was my student in 4th grade. Today she is my colleague while also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Science Education at the local college in Camiri. She is working at school as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant. I recently sat and enjoyed a reminiscing chat of her school days, about her journey to become a Christian and to study something related to education and children; something, she said, was not in her plans until a year ago when certain circumstances took her to get a job in a nursery facility. ¨That experience uncovered my real vocation” she affirms with very expressive eyes. Her three older brothers (FrancoCleverAndres) were of great influence to make a decision for Christ when she was around 11 years old. Today she is very active in the youth group of the church and one of her responsabilities at school is to teach the Bible lesson and memory verses to all kindergarten students.

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CanadaTeam 2018

The team from Canada that visited us in Camiri last year to help us in different projects around the school came back this year for another week of hard work, generous support, wonderful comradeship at church retreat, school people, other workers and I myself certainly enjoy each minute of having them here to share the vision, talk and fellowship over meals and cups of tea.

project1Last October when I had the blessing to visit this church and their fundraising banquet; the project was explained and discussed. It was accepted as a challenge since the funds were not sufficient, the time was short and ultimately the rainy weather and the festivities of Carnival also joined in as complications to be able to accomplish the goals set for that week.

Miracles do still happen. In spite of the noisy festival in the streets and the moments of pouring rain, by Saturday, the day of their departure, the concrete for the second floor room was getting dry by the warmth of a sunny morning. The plan had worked out and the mission had been attained. We had behold God’s hand every step of the way.

project2Phase 1 is done. Now the second part is to begin soon and hopefully in the course of this year, the school will have this multi-purpose large room to be used for chemistry experiments, Choir rehearsal  area, teachers/parents meeting hall, faculty and staff lounge, place for chapel time, workshops, seminars, etc.

If anyone would like to be part of this work, drop me a note, there are many ways you can get involved and anyone with a heart to bless others is qualified. Come and let’s build together and each other.

Read more of their week experience in their own journal: Oakridge Bible Chapel 2018 mission trip


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