Wearing eye-glasses

My constant eye-glass accident it’s when I left them on the bed, come back and sat on them. It’s there where frames get loose, bent and crooked. Few times I have dropped them and gotten them scratched. The least frequent mishaps are glasses getting shattered or lost. On one occasion, long before one could get prescribed eye-glasses the same day, I had to wait a few days for the new pair to arrive. Since I wear glasses full-time; I felt very insecure without them and frustrated with blurred vision. Since then, I learned to keep old ones as back up and choose different styles for different activities.

I assume I’m not the only one who doesn’t like to hear from the ophthalmologist the news that new glasses are required with current prescription for sight has gotten worse. For quite some time (a few years, I don’t want to say how many) I refused to change to the measure determined by the exam because the thickness of the glass would not allow me to use the frame “in fashion” during that period. Then fashion went back to thick frames and got mine and was able to see better.

As time would have it; getting closer to my 50th year; I started to notice the need to take my glasses off to read. I accepted quite well my inherited nearsightedness from early age, but it took me a while to accept a new visual defect: hyperopia. I was very happy when the doctor introduced me to progressive lenses with no visible line as traditional bifocals.

It wasn’t very popular to wear glasses back when I was a teenager, but now they are fashionable. I have never considered surgery. I don’t have the money and if I had it; I would use it for other purposes. Glasses are so much part of my body , like a second skin, that sometimes I realize I have them on when taking a shower and droplets stick to the lens. For me, not having them on, it’s like no having teeth or other part of my body.

Having more than one pair of glasses is like having a group of  good friends that are reliable, practical, functional and very valuable to help you go through life with a clear vision.

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