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In many cases, I imagine many of you reading this blog from your cell phone. I remember resisting the idea of getting one for myself reasoning that I grew up when telephones stayed at home. If people wanted to get a hold of me, they would call back. Then in 2007 I gave in and acquired my first cell phone, a Nokia 1100 that remained my favorite and irreplaceable one for many years; until my colleagues and family, specially my nephew who is a technophile (ideapokeian), said I really needed to upgrade and start using Whatssap and other similar apps and I did.

I try to stay undefiled by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and apply practical and common-sense rules to cell phone usage. The second-hand cell phone I was samsung-galaxy-s-iii-muertousing had been given to me as a gift and it had malfunctioned for a long time, I knew the day would come for this gadget to die and that day was this morning today. I am traveling tomorrow and suddenly felt the urgency to quickly get a new one for how would I get in touch with the people I am supposed to meet and many other questions came to mind.

How come I was feeling this uneasiness about going without a cell phone if I had made so many trips in my life without one! The Answer is simply: The cell phone, one of the many useful tools of our times and a neccesary evil if you will.

cell phone and life

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  1. To think our cell phone was the nearest pay phone? My son was 9 when he asked me what the noise he heard from my phone was? It was a busy signal and he’d never heard one before. Some days I want to chuck it over my balcony but more often than not it’s glued to my hand.

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