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When I was 15 my dad registered me in driving school and then he gave me a Volkswagen beetle which was my transportation to the technical high school approximately 10 km (6 miles) from the city. Today I admire my parents for trusting me with such responsibility for which I recognize I wasn’t always that responsible and had my fender-bender experiences. The most tragic accident I had (and it wasn’t totally my fault) was while leaving school, one of my classmates suddenly and unexpectedly walked into my lane and her head impacted and shattered the windshield. She, thank God, had a solid-rocky hard skull and was unhurt, but to me was so traumatic I did not want to drive again. My dad literally forced me to “take the wheel” that very same day in another car he had and I learned my lesson to drive slow and carefully.

That VW beetle was sold to save money to pay my first year of college in the USA. The new owner died after crashing on the same road I took every morning to go to school and oftentimes no respecting the speed limit. This is one of the events that makes me soberly think about the “what-ifs” of life.

Volkswagen-BeetleOnce in a while I drive down memory lane and get nostalgic when I see a VW beetle. I remember the hard lessons that taught me to become a safe driver, the fun times I had with friends and the benefical useful tool it has been at various times in my life. I recall the experience of getting my driving license for the first time in Mexico and in the USA and driving in Spain and Venezuela, all with joy and satisfaction.

Now I live in a small city where most places are at a walking distance and seldom wish for a car, except for few occasions. I thank God for the lessons and the experiences and above all, for preserving my life up to today.


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