Useful Tool (2)

music makes me smileGuitar, Piano, mandolin and accordion are instruments I have tried to learned and can play somewhat, but I can’t say I play them with proficiency. I wish I would had been more disciplined in my classes or in ear training so I can play skillfully and precisely by ear.

One day, after Mr. Train heard me play in his house the keyboard piano, in his desire and eagerness to encourage me to be more musically active, said “In the land of the blind, the one-eye man is king,” but at school and church there had always been excellent capable musicians. When for some reason, one day, there was no music teacher to start school with the National Anthem; I grabbed the opportunity to play the accordion, but as many National Anthems, the Bolivian one is a hard piece of music. Mr. Train wasn’t impressed and asked me not to try to play it since my poor attempt might be offensive to nationals. In other words, the land of the blind could survive without the one-eye man as king for one day.

“You don’t learn to swim outside the water”; someone told me once. I sure did keep seeking the moment I could play. Now it has been many years since it is my duty to start school singing, memorizing a verse, praying and Yes, I play the National Anthem every Monday morning!

I am still a one-eye man; I am musically handicapped. My musical ability is unpolished and rough. I am not as talented as I wish I were, but music is a useful tool I received as a gift to fill the void when needed. A room with music and people singing have an unconcealed magic able to bring smiles and cheer up the heart.




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