My German Shepherd II

Eight years ago, I wrote a blog telling how I became owner of my German Shepherd, Aldo.  Actually, the story of how HE chose me. Many years after that post, Aldo remained the same energetic unintimidated Alpha male dog. It took me by surprise when, one night, during a walk, he almost gets run over by a car twice! I then yelled at him to stop so I could leash him, but he delightfully continued his walk. How could a dog who once was at my beck and call with just one whistle ignore my voice? Following that, I noticed he would not show up for meal time at the sound of the food plastic bag or his dish as before. I had to go looking for him and call him, only to find him sound asleep. I am now aware he lost his hearing sense and I can walk over him while sleeping without being noticed and if he fortuitously hears a noise, he has no idea what direction the sound is coming, he turns his head in all directions until he makes eye contact with me, then vigorously wags his tail as saying “Oh! it is you here”.

Aldo2016I calmly accepted his first signs of old age and even welcome his funny and humorous new “disobedient”, slow, lay back behaviour. I could live, with no pain,  with a dog who is no longer the most wanted eligible mate to breed, the perfect playful pet or the best guardian dog. I had aged and changed along with Aldo in these 13 years. Except that this week I noticed that our life cycles have different speed. One day he was dragging his back legs and tried to follow me two stairs up in the front porch. He stopped to contemplate and consider how feasible the task was and when he ventured to give it a try, he fell to the ground hitting his head on the stairs. He is too heavy for me to lift him up, I wanted to carry him in my arms and take him to his bed, but I couldn’t. He looked up with eyes of embarrassment; I lay down with him and hugged him tightly. I know he would have done the same if it had been I on the floor.

How soon will Aldo’s final day arrive, I don’t know. I wish with all my heart that nature will take that decision and not me. Today he is walking with difficulty, but alive. We are alive and yes, we all have our difficulties, but we also have the wonderful opportunity to love and hug those around us.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a Moment,

until it has become a Memory.”





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  1. This is a different Aldo than the one you first had, no? You have always had a tender heart toward your pets and that carries over to the kids that you minister to at the school and in your home. Everyone is blessed by the Lord to know you. (myself included) I’ll remember your prayer request. It was hard to put Sunny down, then say good bye to Kujo (who went to the Dunn’s and now we have our Uruguayan Choco. Un abrazo, Mike

  2. Oh Andreas so sorry, I lived this with Lady. For 17 years she was my shadow. I will pray for you. 💛💜

  3. I absolutely love this post Andres. It brought tears to my eyes as I think about my own dog, whom I love dearly growing older, yet he does have at least 4 more years with us, I dread the day the spark is no longer there. But for now, I enjoy the amazing companion, Scout.

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