My Shabbat Routine

Every morning to start the school day I, as the Elementary Principal, greet the students with a cheerful “Buenos Dias alumnos”. On Friday I add two more questions: #1.- “Are you happy?” (They answer “yes”) and #2.- “Why?” to which they respond at the top of their lungs: “BECAUSE IT’S FRIDAY!

The other day I saw in Facebook a criticism to meme pictures about “It’s Friday” with a happy face and “It is Monday” with a gloomy face. It said that all days should be equal in enjoyment. I  partially agree. Yes, I am to thank God for every single day of life, health and work! On the other hand, I am a believer that there is something special about the seventh day. Don’t hear me saying we need to keep the law and rest in bed all day.

shabbat tableI am saying, for me there is something special about Friday. There is a relax feeling. I go to church to our Friday Night Bible study. After that, there is always a group of friends getting together to go out. On Saturday mornings I do different things that bring particular joy and refreshment to my body,mind and soul: From leisurely walking to the market for grocery shopping, to gardening, painting or having special guests for dinner or there is sometimes someone’s birthday party to attend.

The seventh day of the week is given to men by God. First day of the week is given to God by men. In both days we worship: In the seventh day we worship our Creator; the first day we worship our risen Lord.

My routine does not lie in the activity,but in my heart; to delight and take joy in the day I “shabbat” (cease, stop, rest) from my routine work week.




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  1. I love hearing how you are doing. May God continue to bless you…

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