My writing Routine

“Writing is not my thing” I have said since the days I had to take English Composition I and II in College. Back in 2008 I started this blog also as a self-discipline to do something is not natural to me. Just like waking up for exercising;  writing, for me, is difficult. Yes, even after all these years!

bloggingSo, I am here, like many times, with the “simple-great” task of every week; in front of a blank screen wondering what I can say or what there is in my experience that would be of interest to others. I never know what a blog will look like or talk about till it is done, as somebody said: “I write to discover what it is I will have written”.

My writing routine? To be honest, I have none, I don’t have a day, an hour or a place. I can also say, it is going on all the time. Isaac Asimov said “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” Writing is thinking and that I do all the time; the tricky part, is putting it into words.

For me, blogging is chronicling. It is my open journal. It is my life being written. It is my unclear messy  writing originated in my unclear messy thinking. But in the end, I am writing for myself and own sake. After many years, I am the one who is encouraged to look back as I read of God’s great purposeful doings through and in me and the numerous wonderful, extraordinary and remarkable people who accompanied me in this journey of life. I try to present it in the best possible way I can, but frankly, it is my own fun and enjoyment.


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