My Jogging Routine

clock 4 30 am

The alarm goes off at 4:30 am. It is time to go to my Monday-Friday exercise routine I have been practicing for two years: jogging. In spite of all the articles I have read of the many benefits of an early morning workout and proven methods to make it a habit that will become part of my lifestyle feeling it “Soooo natural”; I still struggle with every beep beep of the alarm to get up and do what I have decided to do.

early-morning-runSo, while I do my loop, I ask myself: why I do what I do? It is not about “who” because nobody is making me do it. It is about “what” motives me to continue to do something while every part of my body wants to stay in bed. It seems contradictory; if I feel like staying in bed, how come I end up in my sweat outfit and running shoes?

In this simple ordinary paradoxical experience, I have become to understand what it is to make a decision, take a resolution or to do something with determination and purpose. I like to use the idiom “to make up your mind” because it has the word “mind” in it. The mind is the part we use for thinking and thinking is the process that gives us reasonable clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, significance, depth, logic and fairness.

heart-vs-mindI try to teach my students that we cannot always do what we feel like doing, but to do what we know we have to do for reasons regardless of feelings. We might have already discovered that warm fuzzies and frivolous thinking are usually in conflict and we need to continually discipline ourselves in doing what we know we have to do. Aristotle said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. The best thing is to put all your heart in all what your mind has decided to do. In the end, it will pay off to voluntarily submit to such self-training.




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  1. Andrés, 4:30 is so early! I like to go running, but not in the dark! That requires a lot of discipline. Good for you. You have challenged my thinking. I have heard that it is very good for our self discipline to do one thing every day that we don’t want to do. As a single person it is very easy to only do the things I want to do. God bless you. Your ankle must be strong again.

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