The Star

The Bible does not tell us much about this star. There are many speculations: Was it a Meteor? a Comet? All celestial bodies have always inspired wonder from among us Earthlings. A star is simply an immense ball of exploding gas mainly composed of hydrogen and helium held together by its own gravity. The nearest  star to us is the sun. There are approximately 200-400 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy alone.  There is estimated to be over 100 billion galaxies in the universe, so the total number of stars in the universe is mind-boggling,


Scripture reading: Matthew 2: 2-10.


1. It did what stars naturally do: Shine.
The stars are God’s creation (Psalm 8: 1, 3). They are not people, but God knows each one of the billions of stars in the universe and called them by name (Isaiah 40:26). By doing what it was created to do, this uncommon star achieved a place in an unforgettable event and became prominent in history.

2. It did what stars typically do not do: move.
Matthew 2:9 says that it “went ahead of them until it stopped”. These words have caused  the debate if it really was a star. Stars aren’t physically moving around. It’s the Earth’s rotation on its axis that causes this effect. The Bible says “star” and should not be cause for discussion. God owns its creation and can do and ask whatever He wants. In one occasion the sun and moon stopped, on another occasion hail fell only over the enemy, he made a donkey talk, etc.

3. It pointed out to the Savior.
For many years at the stars have served as cardinal points in the sky to guide humans (Compass). Only one guided to distant men from the east to the Saviour.  What a privilege for this unnamed star to be chosen to shine and point out to the newborn Savior. It is now known as the star of Bethlehem.


1. Do what God gave me to do. Ephesians 2: 9-10
2. Do not be afraid to do what God asks me to do, even if it seems impossible.
3. Guide others to the Saviour. Matthew 5: 14-16


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