The Magi

Sometimes they are called kings, but they were not royalty; they are also called Magi, but did not do magic tricks. They are call “Wise men” because they were men of learning, research, observation, science and wisdom.  Some identify them with the kind of men that the prophet Daniel was surrounded.
They were not in the barn, they came to a house. Matthew 2:11 probably two years after birth.


1. They saw the heavens: “For we saw his star”-Probably they were not familiar with all the prophecies since they had to asked more information, but they were attentive to God’s message in the heavens (Psalm 19:1). Somehow they perceived the star of a newborn king.

2. They Inquired. Matthew 2: 2-They had a lot of knowledge, but they had the wisdom of asking what they didn’t know and found the truth.

3. They came with one purpose: to worship Him. Matthew 2: 2 The Magi are described as “falling down”, “kneeling” or “bowing” in the worship of Jesus. They were indicative of great respect, and typically used when venerating a king.

4.  they worshiped properly. Matthew 2:11
a) .- “They opened their treasures, they offered him”
Worship is giving. Romans 12: 1 Worship includes all of me and all I have.
b) .- “they worshiped him, offered him” If the Bible would teach that Mary is owed tribute as the mother of the Lord, this would be a good place to teach it, but the emphasis is on the child. The original language is singular and masculine.

5. .Sensitive and perceptive. Matthew 2: 8,12
They were not convinced by Herod’s appearance of wanting to go to worship the child. Herod was an unscrupulous and ruthless man (Matthew 2: 13-18). First they followed the star, then they obeyed the revelation of the dream; they were men sensitive to the voice of God.

What will I do?
wise_men_gifts1. I don’t want to be indifferent to wonder of the universe.
Psalm 19: 1, Romans 1:20. When was the last time you had a moment to observe God’s creation? Observed, but above all also heard.
2. I want to ask Questions.
Acts 17: 10-11 Imitate the Bereans, who inquired and confirmed what they heard. There is wisdom in asking questions.
3. I want to worship HIM.
We were created for it. It is not difficult to bend the knee if I recognize his worthiness.
4. I want to worship by GIVING. Romans 12: 1

It has been said that we can give without loving, but we can never love without giving.


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