The Shepherds

Angel-Announcing-the-Birth-of-Christ-to-Shepherds-Robert-Leinweber-300x200The shepherds are not the elite group of society. They are smelly field workers.
– God had a message for them for God is no respecter of persons – 1 Corinthians 1:26.


1. They heard the message in the middle of their working hours.
2. They heard the message at night. Luke 2:8

Shepherding is more than sitting all day. A look at the life of David helps us understand that shepherds had to guide (walk) from place to place looking for better pastures. Protect the sheep from wild animals (bears and lions) so they could not be malnourished skinny men nor fat gluttons. A shepherd had to be fit. If necessary he did not sleep. Those nights could be long and cold.

3. They acted with interest. Luke 2:15, 16

let’s go and see … … they came hastily.
Many put work, fatigue, cold or sleep as excuses for not hearing the message or take no action. For these men there was no “later” “tomorrow” “after” “in a while” “when I have time”, etc. God’s message requires action. Listening without action is like not listening! James 2: 14-18

nativity-shepherds4. They gave importance to the message.
It was a newborn, but the important thing for them was that it was a message from God. Verse 15 “The Lord has told us.” Babies are born every day, but this one was a unique baby and they understood it.

5. They shared the message with others. Luke 2: 17-18
They were not highly educated men, but they could not remain silent. Acts 4:20

6. glorified and praised God. Luke 2:2

What will I do?
1. Work is not an excuse.
2. Time is not an excuse.
3. Hear and Do. James 1:22.
4. I will share the message. Luke 8:39
5. Give glory to God.

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