The Angels at Jesus’ birth

angel and josephThe Angeles had a major role in the birth of the Savior. Without their participation, young Mary and Joseph, the carpenter, had been lost and confused about what was happening in their lives (no wonder why he tried to left quietly; Matthew 1:19 and she asked “how will this be?”; Luke 1:34). Thanks to the message the angels brought, Joseph and Mary submitted to the will of God to an unprecedented event: The miraculous virgin birth of Jesus (Matthew 1:20).
 Scripture: Luke 2: 8-14
1. They obeyed God.
God commands but that does not mean automatic obedience. The creatures he created were made with free will (the ability to decide and choose). Not all angels obey; a third of them rebelled against God and became Satan and his demons.
2. They obeyed even though their presence causes fear. (Luke 2: 9 To take just one example).
The fear comes from the Greek word “phobos” whence all the words that identify a particular fear come from. But they always immediately provided comfort and security. Then they made the announcement.
3. They delivered the message even though it was not easy to understand. Luke 2: 11-12.
As we read the words of the message, we can only imagine what went through the mind of angels and shepherds. It is a ridiculous and contradictory message. Let’s analyze the message about this child:
a) .- He would be from the City of David, meaning a descendant of King David … heir to his throne.
b) .- He is a Savior… they expected to be delivered from the tyranny of the Romans.
c) .- It is called Christ … it means Anointed, only kings, priests and prophets were anointed and were filled with the power of the Spirit.
d) He is called Lord which speaks of his domain … as God, owner, sovereign and speaks of power.
So far no problem, but but but, what would be the sign of this great news?
a) .- Swaddling clothes.
We don’t think too much about these details. It speaks of full humanity and especially of dependency.
b) .- Manger.
It is the place of animals.  No doubt it was a smelly place; something we cannot perceive in Christmas paintings
While the newborn is worthy and majestic, his birth signal was humble and low.
What will I do?
1. Obey.
2. Obey despite what others think of me.
3. Share the message and leave the results to God.I wish to say “yes” to God.
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