Household Baptisms.

familyIt was a joy to see four of my relatives obeyed the Lord in Baptism last Saturday December the 19th. My sister’s children, Daniel and Sofia; my cousin’s daughter, Mariana, and her son Leonardo. They all gave a short word of testimony before immersion. Here I want to share Mariana’s testimony in her own words:

“For a long time I was angry with God for my mother’s death and decided to keep God far and away from my life. My relationship with God faded away with each passing day. I did not recognize all the great gifts I received from him, such as, my family.

It came as a surprise and left me in astonishment the way the Lord knocked at my door anew. My son Leonardo started to ask me questions  ‘Why don’t we go to a church?’ ‘Are we Christians or Catholics, what are we?’ ‘Am I going to do my First Holy Communion?’. I realized that my distance from God was being transmitted and affecting my children. I had to make a stop in my life, think about what I was doing and admit that I wrongfully was taking away from my children a essential part of their lives, grow up in the fear of the Lord. I want for them what I have received, Jesus’ love and forgiveness of sins.”


“Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will be saved.”



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