Christian School Finances

There is a difference between business and ministry. Business is mostly meant for profit; it is invested money to make more money or it would be considered poor management with bankruptcy as a result. In ministry, money is also invested, but there is not or should not be personal gain. Money for business can come from personal savings, family and friends or banks and credit unions which lend money to be returned in the future with some interest rate. Ministry also requires money; where does it come from? In the Bible is clear that money for ministry comes through the generous, unselfish giving of God’s people, the church.

a1There are ministries that give free literature, tracks, bibles, etc. It is supported by gifts designated to keep up the cost of publishing and distribution. At times, recipients are given the chance to send a donation, but it is totally voluntary. The Camiri Christian School is an outreach ministry through education.  All these years, there has been a fee for tuition, but it does not cover the real cost of expenses for salaries, maintenance, taxes, scholarships and bonuses to workers required by the government. Even though the Apostle Paul was at times self-supported; there is no command in the Bible that ministry and its ministers should at some point become also self-supporters.

Ministry is a life of faith, dependence on God and of miracles. It is not always easy; but this is how the Camiri Christian School was founded and, in the will of the Lord, will continue to exist, operate, press on and stick to its mission of sower of knowledge and lives for Christ in partnership with the Church.

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