How does a Christian School deal with parents?

Today less and less kids are living in a traditional family. There are more and more cases of single parents, second marriages, partnerships, step-family relationships and not yet here, but maybe one day too, same-sex parents. And in all these types of families there is less and less discipline, limits and control. While it is true that a good teacher has great influence and impact in the student’s life, we need to save and repeat the old good saying “Good education begins at home”. School education is NOT a replacement for home education.

In my experience, these are some of the most popular kind of parents I have met:

1.- Parents that we only see during registration. The children might or might not need parental constant supervision, but an occasional visit wouldn’t do harm.

2.- On the other hand, can see parents asking about homework, going with their children to extracurricular activities, coming to recess time to share a snack, wanting a meeting with everyone everyday, etc. They think they are their children’s classmates.

3.- Parents that believe their children are incapable of any bad behavior or improper language. Their child is always the victim.

4.- Parents that believe discipline is a bad thing from the past and if correction is necessary, nobody, except themselves, has the right to do it. If they do discipline, they tend to be lenient.

parents5.- Parents that find the balance. They say “School is the SECOND home; teachers are SECOND parents”  They know they are the first and main responsable agent for their child’s education. Although school and teachers can exert great influence, they only are assistants and collaborators.

parent-child-teacher-partnershipA Christian School is one in which parents find the needed support, where needed and when needed. The challenge for me is to make of a Christian school the place where parents and teachers are coworkers and players of the same team. It is easier said than done, but that is part of my assignment today in the business of Education.







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