Different Miracle

Thirteen years ago I prayed to God to provide for a PC. I was expecting him to pronto bestow the needed amount, but it never came. I am writing from that computer now, so how did I get it? I paid a monthly fee in the course of a year. Although it was not how I had conceived it in my limited mind, God did answer my prayer.

healing-of-the-blind-man-cropped-e1360904703756Mark 8:22-26 It is the only instance of healing in which the Lord Jesus asked if the person was healed. It was a miracle done in two stages. WHY? It is a big human mistake to make a “miracle formula”, to put God in a box and set the rules by which he can or cannot operate. This is a wonderful miracle because it is precisely unique, out of the norm, singular and peculiar. God is God, He does as he pleases, when it pleases him, to whom he wants to and how he wishes (Psalm 115:3).

Instant miracles happen, but sometimes God decides to perform a different kind of miracle in my life.  No matter how long it takes, the result is what counts; I need to trust God for the HOW.

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