Maritime Day

Bolivia is one of the 48 landlocked countries in the world. Since the War of the Pacific (1879) Bolivia lost 400km (250 miles) of coastline to Chile. Every year on March 23rd there is a “Day of the Bolivian Sea” parade. The ceremonial speech includes words of bitterness, revenge, attack and even one insulting phrase. Just like in every war, there are different perspectives, all depends who you ask.

barquito de papelWho won, who lost the Mexican-American war in 1848? Who should have control over the Strait of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands? Who should I support Kosovo or Serbia, Tibet or China? Who’s right, who’s wrong in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Each side will give a like-night-and-day answer.

Let's reclaim our sea

Let’s reclaim our sea

What it worries me is that, at least in Bolivia, children are taught that regaining access to the sea is a patriotic duty. It disturbs me that a new generation had to resent what happened over hundreds of years ago. How many people have to die to determine a border line?

I don’t pretend to resolve what international courts have not resolved. I only admit that losing is not a pleasant feeling; but life is gaining and losing and even what I consider gain or loss could be controversial. I want to live to the fullest and richest, but it won’t be so if I remain regretting and complaining about the past. There are so many good things to enjoy today!

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”  -Jesus

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