Christian School Family (part I)

DecentesWhen Mr. Train, in a dinner out in a nice restaurant, introduced me to the Christian School staff; he could have used many words like teaching personnel, team, institution, group or organization and all would have been sufficient to describe the group of people around the big table, but he welcomed me to the “CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FAMILY”.  By that time he had already worked with many of them for decades; many of his teachers were hired right after they had graduated from college and he had mentored them. “Don Eugenio” as founder was looked up and is remembered as head, leader and a father.

Now, after almost nineteen years of that first introduction and I am getting to be the “oldie” among the new staff in the elementary level; it was my turn to give the welcome speech. I borrowed Mr. Train’s words to make clear the vision/mission of the school where God’s love is our motivation to work and to take all that is necessary to make a friendly atmosphere;  encouraging, kind, loyal and close as a family.

To me, it means that my commitment to that legacy is to spend time with them, to be available to help, to open communication, to trust, to accept them with their virtues and flaws, to encouragement and even admonition, but above all, to prayer to be the kind of school that is God’s place to share his love.

dinner with staff


Big shoes to fill, child's feet in large black shoes, on wood fl

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