Driving through life

In a way, each one of us go through life driving. We all start as a simple passenger and at some point we take the steering wheel. Sometimes we drive with drivingdetermined direction, some other times we are lost. We make frequent stops for duty or for pleasure: at school, at work, at church, or at a relative’s or friend’s house. Here and there we stop because we want to, like a stop at the amusement park and from time to time we stop because we can’t drive, like a stop to a hospital.

I wish to be able to always drive in the fast lane and find a green light at every traffic light, but the time waiting in a red light or in traffic jam, the slow driver in front of me or the accident on the road, all bring me to reality again: I am not the only one trying to go some place.

Sometimes the driving distance is short, some other times it is long. We stop for a while, but sooner or later we need to go on.  I am not surprised of the term “to have drive” to refer to motivation, to the force within to keep us going. Our journey seems to never cease.

We may be given the chance to choose the car we drive and occasionally change it: from the public bus or taxicab to a sport car or a convertible; from the company car to a mini, compact or medium size car; from a wagon to a luxury car. Nevertheless, our last and final transportation will be in a hearse (funerary vehicle), for we all have the same destination. So for today, it would be nice not to drive like crazy and drive everyone crazy: in other words, remember to drive safely and enjoy the ride.

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