blackFridayFOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. It is not just the anxiety for interaction in social networking (Facebook, Twitter, cellphones, etc.). It is also the marketing strategy of making people feel that they would miss a great deal if they don’t buy something, commercials designed to make you feel a big dumb if you don’t take that bargain and a loser if you don’t make that profitable investment. This area of FOMO is a compulsive desire to get material goods to feel good about oneself, formerly known as “keeping up with the Joneses”, is a form of insecurity and dissatisfaction. Things fill the sense of void and empty identity, so I’ve got to get them the day of the year they are the cheapest.

Who doesn’t want to buy items on sale and save money? I do. But I also need to be aware of my motives and watch out if I am being carried away by this syndrome by asking myself: Would I stay awake all night for prayer as I do in wait to open the stores? Would I go out on a very cold early morning to serve and assist others? Do I trample over others to be first? Do I use the money that I save to help the needy or do I use it to get more things for myself? Would I feel anxious and restless to the point of going crazy if I know that thousands of people are getting stuff at a good price and I’m not there?

Mexico has not Thanksgiving Day, but since 2011 it has an annual nationwide shopping day inspired by our neighbor in the north. Why didn’t we, Mexicans, copy Thanksgiving? Simply because consumerism has not nationality and being thankful and content is unnatural to our human nature.

Will I ever settle for what I have?

Sometimes I have things, More often I don’t have things.

Sometimes I have people near by, At times I don’t.

I always have Jesus, then I can boldly say, I have it all.


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  1. Really appreciate this blog, Andres. Very thought-provoking.

  2. Good for you, Andrés. Kisses. ❤

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