Gentle Rock

sea_tide_rockThe Award Program in Deerfoot offers 11 instructional areas where campers and staff can earn Basic, Advance and Master’s awards. After earning the Honor D, that is six Masters awards and demonstrating outstanding Christian character and leadership ability; a camper or staff is qualified to be part of the Lone Eagle Fellowship. The approved candidate climbs the Dug mountain where he must spend the night alone with God and choose an Indian-type of name with spiritual meaning to be announced at a ceremony before the entire camp and visitors.

Chief Chuck’s chosen name was Gentle Rock. This strange combination of words is a figure of speech known as “oxymoron” where two incongruous and contradictory terms appear together. Is there such thing as an open secret, a harmonious discord or cruel kindness?  It sure makes anyone to stop and think. How can a rock, that immobile solid mass of stone, be soft and tender?

Chuck is a bold, straightforward man with strong convictions; properly complying with the “rock” part of his Lone Eagle name. The challenging part, for most of us, is to be honest without being harsh and to deal justly and be merciful. The Christian life is about showing the nature of God and the perfect example and equilibrium is in the Lord Jesus himself who came in the flesh, dwelt among us, showed us his glory and was full of GRACE and TRUTH. (John 1:14). Grace is unmerited kindness towards undeserving sinners. Truth is the God-pleasing standard of what is good and right. Grace without truth is shallow and sentimental. Truth without grace is harsh and legalistic.

Let us all be solid and strong as a rock and gentle and softhearted as needed. Let us pray and strive to live in the constant exercise of grace and truth.

Chuck visiting me in Bolivia in 2000.  Camiri Campground.

Chuck visiting me in Bolivia in 2000.
Camiri Campground.

Chuck is the author of “In Partnership With God” blog.

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