The house is silent

100E1593Ten  years ago, SAI was just a vivacious, mischievous puppy whose manners never were the most feminine, but ever since, she lived her life always waiting for the moment I could spend time with her and to be cuddled in my arms.Today the house is silent. The noisiest of my 5 dogs got sick two days ago and this afternoon the veterinarian put her to sleep. She used let me know when someone was coming even before the doorbell rang and announced my arrival to all the neighbors with her 100_4048 aobnoxious, but cheerful good-to-see-you-around-here barking. Today I don’t need to tell her to be quiet; her absence is felt and the house is silent. I came back from school after her burial and in the night after church and none of the other dogs barked. I now understand that the noisy welcome was her initiative and the other four dogs are missing her and observing some moments of silence in gesture of mourning in their own way.


It is just the death of another dog among millions of dogs and animals dying every day, but in a very unique way, her death has reached the heart of God as creation’s groan for liberation of futility and decay. Today the house is silent, but a cry in a hushed tone was heard in heaven, a creation’s plea which wants to be brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God (Romans 8: 20-22).


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  1. Andres, I know that is hard. You love your pets and they love you back. It was hard on us to say good bye to Sunny. Praying for you my friend. Mike

  2. Lo siento.

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