18 Years

The 18th birthday is commonly celebrated in a special way in many places. Many feel is a magical age where you get some kind of freedom.  It is considered a passage from childhood to adulthood and although we all know that maturity does not happen instantly; the process begins as the person is bestowed with privileges, legal rights and responsibilities.

August 30th  will be 18 years since I came to Bolivia. I came to be under the tutelage, care, training and coaching of senior missionaries Mr. and Mrs. Train. I lived with them for a year and worked with them for many years following until their health declined and the Lord called them home. I recall those first and carefree years of ministry in childhood stage when Mr. Train took care of the school administratively, academically, financially and spiritually. There is a list of things I said I would never do like them and the years have given me the chance to undo their format and do it my way. There is also a list of things that even though I thought I would not do like them;  today I am carrying them out just like they did; years have proven them right and I smile to myself. Who would have ever predicted, foreseen or told me that today I would wish for their presence and even their somewhat possessive and controlling style. Every moment I need Mrs. Train’s determination and her unwavering faith. Every day I must grow to have Mr. Train’s patience, love and wisdom.

September 1, 1996

September 1, 1996

I have some big shoes to fill, but I am aging, learning, growing, maturing and Lord willing, this story is to be continued.

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  1. Feliz Cumple my friend. I smile as I read your honest comments and remember hearing of some of your struggles during those challenging days/years. God used them to make you to be the person he wants you to be today. I’m glad that we shared our home with you and learned from you as well. May God continue to bless you and make you a blessing. Your co-workers, Mike & Carolyn

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