All of a sudden

WOW! It is amazing the things that can happen in life ALL OF A SUDDEN. Four years ago I wrote “Dreaming” which it’s about renovating the 58-year-old school building. By the beginning of this school year there were no plans nor intentions to start this huge remodeling project. We started the school year back in February with the usual repairing and painting of walls. All of a sudden two things emerged and joined at the same time. First, one of the neighbors complained and asked us to fix the old roof adjacent to their property. The inclination of our roof made the rainwater fall directly where they planned to build a new room.  By law, it was not optional to leave it that way, but where would the money come from? Secondly, for many years Mr. and Mrs. Train had this land for farming and livestock used for ministry purposes among the indigenous people. The government took it away and paid for it just in time when the demands to build started. In the beauty of the mathematical world and by the mercies of God’s providence, a negative plus a negative resulted in a positive. God gives us unexpected things and moments when least expected and they become our favorite memories. We dream, we work, we wait, but only God can make anything to happen all of a sudden.


See the whole process of remodeling in facebook: here

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  1. from a children’s song: “Our God is so BIG, so STRONG and so MIGHTY, there’s nothing our God cannot do!” Loved reading this report, Andres!

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