I Lay down, slept and woke up again

nightGoing to sleep and waking up for every day of our lives make it seem like a sure thing; a customary, often mechanically performed activity. Perplexing thoughts and cares, pains of body or uneasy dreams can prevent us from sleeping with serenity of mind; we all need a good night sleep for healthy and proper functioning next day. Sleeping and sleeping well, even amidst troubles, is a blessing.

Lying down to go to sleep is mostly a decision, but I need to recognize that during those morninghours of sleep, manifold events, visible and invisible activities, involuntary actions and miraculous forces happen in my body and in the world that could, in the split of a second, take up life.

In Psalm 3:5 David knew about the sustaining power manifested while we lie asleep and gave due credit to the sleep-wake up cycle to the only one able to take care of us in the night hours of sleep:  JEHOVAH HIMSELF; Indeed, He never slumbers nor sleep.

Every day I must say:

“I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the LORD sustained me.”

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  1. Andres,

    Very good thoughts expressed here. Sometimes I long for sleep, yet I force myself to ignore it. It reminds me of how we (me too) respond to God, we ignore him and go on doing other things.

    Stay well my friend,
    Steve Barclay

  2. It is a blessing to be able to sleep pray for those who have difficulty sleeping many suffer.

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