The inner artist in me


Swimming has been, lately, my most favorite thing to do to relax, but since in Camiri all pools are outdoors and the hot summer days are becoming only a memory from last year; I decided to stay indoor and do something else and new: Painting!

I probably haven’t done painting since my childhood days. I got the idea from the kids at school bringing their canvas, acrylic paints and brushes to art class and watching them “struggle” to finish one project. Many times I’ve  approached them offering my help and realized that I enjoyed it; so why not take on a project of painting for myself.

I’ve found that painting has its physical and mental challenges, but above all, it is an emotional work, a way to communicate and express and it is very fun!


The painting is the “Aleph-bet luaj” The chart of the Hebrew Alphabet

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  1. I also enjoy painting. Learning to play the guitar better is one of my goals. Painting and art about the process not the procduct I was taught that in school. When I took early childhood classes.

  2. Dear Andre,My wife got me started in oil painting. There are freebie courses on linethat we use from time to time. No masterpieces and no offers from buyers,but we enjoy the few minutes of quietness in this crazy world. Chris & Millie Cobucci

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