Ponder the path of your feet (part I)

crutches-350x350To Ponder means “To weight in the mind with thoroughness and care, to reflect or consider”

After almost a month of using crutches to walk, I have become more aware of the ground where I walk. I have started to consciously choose the path I take; for example, if the floor is uneven, if it is rocky or paved or too steep to go up or down I deliberately take, not just the short and easy way, but above all, the safe path to walk. This process where my eyes tell my mind where to walk is quickly becoming part of me. I should have had this awareness the day when as I was walking out of an office, I tripped and fell down from some steps twisting my ankle. I hope this experience and new acquired attention to the path will stay with me for the rest of my life.

But, of course, the verse in proverbs (4:26) has a deeper meaning than just preventing a physical injury. I am to walk with alertness and sensitivity in this world considering each step, if it is right or wrong. “The sense is, remove every obstacle which may impede or render insecure the way of moral life, and thus avoid every false step.”

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  1. Querido Andrés,
    Sí queda esa habilidad de estar observando constantemente el suelo por donde se camina pues la inseguridad que se obtiene de un tobillo dañado no se recupera al 100% (no a mi) pero es bueno quedar con esa actitud de observar por donde se anda, Dios quiera que así no descuidemos nuestro andar diario respecto al corazón y todo nuestro ser. Nos gustaría mucho estar a tu lado justo en estos momentos pero sabemos Dios ha puesto personas que te aprecian y aman en Cristo para ser tu auxilio. Te amamos mucho,
    Tu familia.

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