When Life Gives You Lemons

lemonadeOn Monday September the 2nd the Trauma Doctor immobilized my right ankle with a cast. The treatment for my sprained ankle is for only 21 days, but by the second day I was already tired of it.  I woke up to my daily routine to find out that walking with crutches my routine is not a routine. Every single thing required more effort and took more time. Since I started walking in the strength of one leg, every step has turned out to be a challenge and a victory…I am learning and realizing that a molehill can really be a mountain.

I think we all have heard “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and I agree; lemonade is a wonderful refreshing drink in the summer, but what if life gives us lemons in the cruel cold winter of our lives….please take the icy jar to the opposite hemisphere! If it is winter, bring me a nice mug of hot cocoa, sit me close to the fireplace and put a warm cozy blanket around me!

Being honest, I don’t crave lemonade just now…but God is teaching me that the lemonade I need to make with the lemons He has given me, is not necessarily for me. Every day I am in contact with many people, many of them are just kids and youth; circumstances in their lives have made them to be thirsty and they need a glass of cool lemonade. I have the lemons; I need to get busy in making lemonade for them.

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  1. SORRY to hear about your cast/crutches
    – We will be praying that you heal quickly and completely… and meanwhile bless many with lemonade!

  2. ¡Excelente post y muy buenos consejos. Así que mi querido Andrés…¡a hacer muchas jarras de limonada!!!!!
    Un abrazo afectuoso.

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