Proverbs 25:16


“If you find honey, eat just enough– too much of it, and you will vomit.”

There is  a long list of good things that when doing or having too much of them; can actually be harmful: food, work, exercise, wine, study (Ecc.12:12), spending money, TV, internet, medicine, visiting (as verse 17 mentions), etc. In Proverbs 25:16 we are cautioned against excess. Honey is sweet, desirable, nourishing, strengthening and refreshing, but we are to take what our bodies can ingest; just a little more than what is sufficient and the consequence is vomiting, a total waste of something good.

One of the commentaries simply and wisely put it:

“make a moderate use of all thy enjoyments”

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  1. ¡Saludos, Andrés! De nuevo estoy en los blogs porque ¡ya tengo lap de nuevo!!!
    Saludos afectuosos!!!!

  2. […] I would like to repeat something I wrote some time ago as conclusion: Proverbs 25:16 […]

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