4th grade teacher

Miss Mercedes

Mrs. Mercedes

For sixteen years I taught the 4th grade class,  I was also the science teacher in 5th grade; this year my role in the Christian School has changed to administrative support or assistant. There were times in the past, that in one day, I had to wear the hat of Principal, secretary, janitor and attend my class. Changes are not easy for me, besides I love the classroom with all its activities and close interaction with the students, but it seemed unappropriated and unfair to have to leave the class so many times for demands from the office. I left the matter in the hands of the Lord and if He would bring someone willing to work in the school and with 4th graders; it would be clear to me that I had to take this new responsibility. Mrs. Mercedes has taken over and as for me after being very comfortable as a teacher; here I am again walking with fear this new path set for me by The Lord. May He make me useful in a broader sense.

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  1. Hi Andres, I have a few questions for you since you know the Dunn family. In 1970 I went with Don Jaime to visit the Ayoreos with Norman Johnson. Jiame returned back to Camiri and I stayed on with Norman for 3 weeks until Jaime came back to take me back to Camiri. First I’m sorry to hear that Jaime passed away so suddenly in 1993. I was wondering how he died because he looked so healthy back then in 1970. Another question is the school that you teach in is that the school across the river that old wooded broken walk bridge is. I see from your website there is a new bridge in it’s place. During my stay with the Ayoreos Norman told me and I’m not sure if I’m right that they burried themselves alive. Some day I would like to return to Camiri because it means a lot to me. It was during my visit to the Ayoreos out in the bush that Norman introduced the word of god to me for the first time that has changed my live. I never mentioned it to Jaime or Eida then but my wife and I became christians and we raised our daughter through the christian schools(early years) here in the States. Kevin Slean

    Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 08:39:00 +0000 To: kevinslean@hotmail.com

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