One Airport Experience


Sitting from one place to another in wait for my next flight; I saw a nice expensive cell phone left on one of the chairs among a Starbucks napkin waste.  Nobody was around so I nervously picked up. It had been left forgotten by a traveler in haste going God-knows-where-in-the-world. I sat a little further away to see if someone would come back looking for it. No more than five minutes have passed when I saw a man going directly to the chair with the garbage, his garbage, which by now he threw to the garbage bin. I went up to him and asked him if he was looking for something, but my question was beside to the point, almost inappropriate since it was obvious by his gestures and body language. I proceeded to give it back and quite noticeable was the relief in his face and the rest of his body! He could not thank me enough, we shook hands and disappeared.

Did it cross my mind to keep it? Yes it did. But how could I when I have been in the same situation and wish someone would have done the same for me! How could I when I am a traveler and wish my belongings, all of them, make it with me to destination. I need the same mercy.

This person came back as I was writing this experience in my journal and gave me a reward, but I was already enjoying my reward; the fact that I had made a total stranger happy in his journey. We had not seen each other before and won’t see each other again; all our contact was made of few minutes in between flights, yet our encounter gave us a reason to travel with a smile.

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  1. I had a very similar experience lately, but the wrong side of it. I lost my expensive cellphone, which is very valuable to me because of the information on it and the utility of it. In my hurry it fell out of my pocket as I went to start my motorbike. Well, I came back to look for it barely a minute later, and it was gone. I called and called, sent a message promising a reward, but it was gone for good.
    We need more good people. Good choice Andrés!

  2. ¡Qué bueno que estás entre nosotros, Andrés. Y mira como son las cosas, pensaba pasar a tu casa a saludarte, pero he vivido con tantas cosas encima que me han imposibilitado un sinfín de planes que tenía incluso en mi propia casa. En fin, espero que este 2013 esté lleno de felicidad y trabajo en el Señor. Se te quiere, Andrés!!!!!

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