Church Building Project

The “Ekklèsia” in Camiri has met in The Christian School grounds since its beginnings. Some years later a piece of land, next to the school, was purchased with the idea of combining the two properties to build a large hall.  For one reason or another, common and known to those who have experienced the effort to try to join the dual leadership of two ministries, it had been left and “forgotten” till recently a group of brethren with the heart of Ezra the prophet, began to encourage the congregation to start working to erect the temple where the assembly can meet. The plan is to continue using the school since this building won’t give us all the necessary space for AWANA, Sunday School classes and other activities, but the blueprint includes a hall with more comfortable chairs (at the moment we have to set up heavy benches in the basketball court every time we have a meeting), walls which will offer protection from the extreme weather pattern of Camiri, a small apartment and kitchen.

Little by little, step by step, brick by brick, shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand the blueprint is becoming concrete. May the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesuschrist be proclaimed and glorified in this place and in all the earth!

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  1. “Pian-pianito” el Señor seguirá realizando la obra en cada uno de sus siervos que estén en la dispoisición de llevar el yugo. Adelante, Andrés y a seguir trabajando para el Rey de reyes y Señor de señores.

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