Lessons from a cut finger

Last week while I was “suffering” from a hemorrhage in my eye, I cut the middle finger of my left hand. Last year I wrote “Lessons from a smashed finger” (here) which was the middle finger of my right hand. I thought it was apropo to write the cut finger version:

1.- Napoleon Bonaparte’s words “…slowly because I’m in a hurry” proved to be true. Doing things in haste might at the end slow you down. Taking your time and pacing yourself bring more possibilities of efficiency and thus make fewer errors.

2.- Small ailments need care as much as big ones. Any damage to our skin should be taken seriously because the skin is the barrier to the outside world protecting the body from infection. A cut could provide the door to bacteria to enter our body.

3.-The coagulation process is a miracle. Blood cells react almost instantly after injury sticking together like glue to form a clot to stop the bleeding and other fluids from flowing out; this forms a scab from where underneath new skin cells will be made. It is a complex and miraculous procedure which without it we would die!

4.- . We are curious by nature. I belong to a culture where  “I cut” “I am sick” “I hurt”  are not enough type of short phrases for an answer. Even if the explanation could be grose (disgusting); we still want to hear the juicy details of the what, how and where.

5.- Find the silly part of yourself, share it with others and laugh at yourself. Every night I was putting a gauze pad in my injured finger to sleep and believe it or not, I am so absent-minded that in one of those nights; I put the gauze in my ring finger! I realized of my mistake when I touched something and hurt!

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  1. Andrés,
    Cuídate porque efectivamente las bacterias pueden dañar algo dentro del cuerpo. La vacuna antitetánica es una prevención a este tipo de heridas y posibles infecciones. No dejes de aplicarla.
    Te queremos mucho,
    Tu familia

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