Lessons from My Eye

The eye, our visual organ, is a marvelous combination of nerves, sensory cells, muscles and lens tissues that allows the brain to perceive in picture the world around us. It is like a camera that never stops “shooting” pictures and process one-hundred “photos” each second. Engineers have yet to design a system like that of the eye!

Since last week I woke up with a red-eye (Subconjunctival Hemorrhage) I have thought and learnt the following:

1.- Others are first to notice. During the first day, the hemorrhage was in the very corner of the eye and seeing myself straight in a mirror would not give me the right angle to realize how bad my situation was. How often this is true of my bad attitude, behavior and character. I often rationalize that the pointing finger should take the plank of its own eye first, but it would be good to take a moment of self-examination.

2.- Subconjunctival Hemorrhage has not apparent cause. Evident “cause and effect” or symptoms are so common (coughing, sneezing, vomiting, stress, etc)  that are hard to detect. It happens on awakening! Psalm 19:12 says: Who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults. May the Holy Spirit gives unrest in anything that might be good, but questionable.

3.- Everybody knows the solution. In this culture;  everybody, including myself, shares their experience in sickness and how they got the remedy and grandma’s backyard always has the right plant to give you treatment to cure any disease. I don’t underestimate natural medicine, but it can create a problem, to whom I listen? who is right?  I must be careful in an  opinionative world to whom I pay attention.

4.- The Doctor’s diagnosis is essential. It might cost us some money, but there is some soothing element in the words that come from the expert. Whether it is “there is nothing to worry” or “there is a problem, but I Know how to get you well.”

5.- The proper medication does the job. It would be good for me not to waste time and always apply the purifying Word of God to my life.

6.- Some rest helps immensely. Time of sickness is a time to consider changes in our diet, exercise, sleep, routine, etc. and many times, unwillingly, give us time to rest and thus recover to be back with new zest to our lives.

Then you will see clearly” –  Jesus

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  1. Well said my friend. Well said. These are lessons I need to learn as well.

  2. Andres,

    What a blesssing this story has been. You have taken an ailment and turned it into a story of how blessed we are by our God. That I’m sure was God’s plan all along. By focusing (a good word to use in this circumstance) on God, you have turned a negative into a wonderful POSITIVE. Wish we could all do the same when faced when the ailments of life.

    Stay well my friend,
    Steve Barclay
    San Diego, CA

  3. Great lessons! now I understand why God allowed that all this happened to you!

    • thanks,

      what is the proper natural remedy to the eye?

      can watching for a long time affect the eye?

  4. Did you Know?
    the eye the the most delicate organ that God made in Human. that is why God made us wonderfully more than other creatures.

    But, did you also know that we will give account of our body?

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