15 Years

August 30th 1996 was the first day I stepped on Bolivian ground and came to Camiri; that was 15 years ago. Today as I remember those first days and weeks I find it difficult to recapitulate what it has been like and meant to me as a person and child of God to have walked this path all this time. I like the word “compendium” that is a concise summary of a larger work and comes from the Latin word “compenso” meaning “to weight together or balance”. So, how do I compenso (say in a few words and measure) 15 years of my life? I say by the grace of God “they have been great”, but most important is to ask what would God, the one who weights the spirit, motives and hearts of man (Proverbs 16:2; 21:2) have to say of this period of time in my life? I only strive for two words “well done” (Matthew 25:23).  SO HELP ME GOD.


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  1. Andres,

    You have brought many blessings to Camiri, and it is very apparent that this was God’s plan for you. Trust in the Lord, for he is faithful to those who love him.
    Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary.

    Steve Barclay
    San Diego, USA

  2. Hijo mío, todos los días Dios me ha dado la memoria para recordar los años que estuviste junto a mí y también para recordar que efectivamente que el que estés lejos de nosotros es un plan de Dios y que estamos con gozo sabiendo que cumples Su Propósito.

    Te amo mucho,

    Mamá quien ora siempre por tí.

  3. ¡Felíz 15 aniversario! Te extrañamos mucho al mismo tiempo que celebramos con alegría este 15 aniversario. Bolivia, México o Estados Unidos, algunos de los países en los que Dios te ha preparado para ser útil a Él no son mas que eso: Su taller ya que nuestra ciudadanía está en el cielo, en la eternidad, donde la ausencia del tiempo es algo que por mucho nos lo imaginemos, aún es un concepto difícil de entender.
    Te queremos y celebramos contigo, iremos a tomar un helado por tí 🙂
    Tuyos con mucho amor,
    Tutis, Daniel, Dani y Sofi.

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