Speed Bump

A speed bump is a raised portion of road designed to slow traffic. In a fast-food, free-running-speed  world where most prefer motion, swiftness and velocity and where anything or anybody that gets in my way to retard, delay or impede to achieve my goals and desires is an obstacle to be removed; it’s not easy to find speed bumps on the road and in life. It is called “Lomo de Burro” (donkey’s hump) in Argentina, “rompemuelle” (car-spring-breaker) in Bolivia, “tope” (meaning to the maximum or where something knocks into) in Mexico and Sleeping Policeman in other countries.

The Christian school decided to add one more bump to the city of Camiri in front of the school building and drivers are not very happy, but what can we do; it is what some would call “un mal necesario” (necessary evil, unpleasant necessity). It has been the only way to make drivers respect the speed limit in front of a school.

“Set backs are bumps in the road, they are not the end of the road” B.Greene

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  1. ¡Hola, Andrés! En Guatemala se llaman “Túmulos”. ¿Cómo la ves? Tan diferentes exrpresiones para una misma cosa, je,je.

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