Bolivia Carnet

Carnet = Bolivian Identification Card is used to verify some aspects of a person’s personal identity: name, age, nationality, occupation and status; it also includes an identification number, a portrait photo, finger print and signature. In Bolivia every citizen may have one and every resident alien must have one. It is required in many business transactions, travel, registration, etc.

My ID has expired and I cannot renew it because Bolivia is trying to implement new technology such as a chip or biometric information, but the other day I couldn’t make a bank proceeding because the clerk saw the expiration date of my ID. I said “the date is expired, but that doesn’t mean I don’t exist!”  I couldn’t believe that an expiration date could possibly determine my exitance…my beingness…my entity and continuance!

Finally the government has decided to extent 8 more months to all expired carnets. I went to the Immigration office and registered my name so I don’t get fined for not renewing it and I hope not to find any more obstacles or delays in daily affairs where a carnet ID is needed.

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  1. Andres,

    Will do. I will be speaking to our Mission Commitee about Miriam’s prosthetic femur head. Praying for her too.

    Stay well,
    Steve Barclay

  2. praying that this all goes t hrough– who knew such necessary things could continue to give you such grief. Praying this will be the last of all your official paperwork and it will go quickly!

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