Do not Forget

Some stories/anecdotes are hard to believe unless they happen to you. A few years ago I put a bread pudding cake in the oven and went to another room to do some reading while it baked. Few minutes later I started to perceive the nice and rich scents of baking and thought to myself “my landlord’s wife must be baking; Mmmmm smells so good…I should go over and ask her the recipe”. I did not realize it was my cake baking until it burnt.

Since then, varied and sundry is the list of things, items, events, ideas, tasks and people and their names that I have forgotten! Some of them have caused others and me a good laugh, but in most of the occasions forgetting has not been fun. I could write now “a book” of incidents that were consigned to oblivion at some point, but one example is enough; for you may know by a handful the whole sack.

I am discovering that in the Bible God repeatedly says “do not forget”  to encourage us to be mindful of his Word, his commands, his wonderful deeds, his person; in other passages however He does intend forgetfulness to be part of life, not to bring us distress, but to set me free from wrongs and pain of the past. In this sense, forgetting is an act of mercy and I’ve got it, now I need to work on re-directing it to God’s highest intention for it! Lord help me!

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  1. Wow! I can so relate to your forgetting things! It must be age…but you are only about 25, no? 🙂

  2. ¡Excelente post, Andrés! y…ja,ja,ja,ja, 😀 No te preocupes que no nada más te ha acontecido a ti estas cosas. Estoy segura que si te pusieras a preguntar…¡uf! ¡infinidad de anécdotas tendrías con respecto a esto!. Y sí que el Señor sabía cómo éramos, por eso nos dejó la Santa Cena, para que recordáramos y anunciáramos a los que nos contemplan.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

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